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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Digitalization and health – a joint project with health insurer BARMER

In 2016, researchers at the University of St. Gallen commissioned by health insurer BARMER and Deutsche Telekom examined how digitalization had changed the working world. The study showed positive aspects of digitalization, e.g. more flexible configuration of working hours and locations. Nevertheless, the results also pointed out risk factors with respect to physical and mental health. The study results are the basis for a corporate health management project that we started at the Group in May 2017 together with health insurer BARMER.

The aim of the project is to scientifically examine the effects of digitized workplaces as well as other use of digital technologies on employee health. With its "Digitalization and Health" pilot project, Deutsche Telekom is the first company to systematically tackle this range of topics together with a health insurer. The goal is to increase employee performance and identify starting points for engaging in early prevention within the corporate context. The project connects science, HR management, employee representatives as well as health business units, thereby contributing to innovative human resources and health management. Managers are the focus of this project. On the one hand, their managerial conduct is a decisive factor in the success of digitalization. On the other hand, they also bear a significant responsibility, for which they require support.

Initial measures were already tested at the end of 2017 – including M-Sence, an app for headache prevention, and Soma-Analytics, an app that provides personalized feedback on improving mental resilience and productivity. Other pilot projects are planned for 2018. A digital guide will be created, among other things, which will help with the selection of the individually appropriate health promotion measures.