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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Manager performance reviews revised based on Performance Dialog

The Performance Dialog, introduced in 2014, is a Group-wide, systematic process for the assessment and development of our managers. It takes place once per year and is based on continuous feedback. However, the manager's leadership behavior is not only evaluated by his/her direct supervisor but by his/her colleagues on the same hierarchy level as well. The goal is to assess the manager's potential and continuously improve individual performance. In 2017 we restructured the Performance Dialog and simplified the process. We now focus on the manager's individual development and strengthening the feedback culture. The new performance management process is modular in design so that preferences and situational circumstances can be taken into account.

This performance assessment continues to be based on our Guiding Principles and our Leadership Principles of "Collaborate," "Innovate" and "Empower to Perform."

Our Compass tool for assessing employees covered by collective agreements and civil servants in Germany and our international Performance & Potential Review continue to be used throughout the Group.