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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Recording Scope 3 emissions

Indirect emissions along the value chain, or Scope 3 emissions img, make up the majority of our total emissions. Recording these emissions helps us design targeted measures to reduce our carbon footprint at a corporate and product level.

We have been fully disclosing the Scope 3 emissions generated throughout the Group since 2016. They came to 6,013,202 metric tons of CO2 equivalents in Germany, roughly 23 percent more than in the previous year. The reasons for this increase were more investment in network expansion and positive business growth: increasing client numbers as well as the sale of high-quality services (especially Triple play img) resulted in higher CO emissions during use of our services. T-Systems' emissions were included in the Group number for Germany in 2017.

Use of the consumer products we sold and leased as well as energy consumption of the devices used for our services account for the largest part of the Scope 3 emissions – both in Germany as well as Group-wide. Emissions generated by purchasing technology to expand our networks as well as the purchase of devices and other goods and services were significant as well.

CO2e-Emissionen (Scope 1-3)

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  • 48%
  • 1%
  • 16%
  • 35%
  • Emissions from upstream activities

    Scope 3

    9.418 kt CO2e

    Transportation services, purchased products and services, capital goods, production waste, upstream energy and fuel supply chains, business travel, and employee commuting.

    Emissions from Deutsche Telekom's own activities

    Scope 1

    284 kt CO2e
    Operating the systems, buildings, and vehicles belonging to Deutsche Telekom.
    Emissions from purchased energy

    Scope 2

    3.114 kt CO2e
    Generation of district electricity and heating purchased by Deutsche Telekom.
    Emissions from downstream activities

    Scope 3

    6.889 kt CO2e
    Transportation of products sold to customers, use of sold and rented products and disposal and recycling of sold products.
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The year 2017 marked the first time that, in addition to the national companies in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro, we also recorded the Scope 3 emissions of T-Systems units, which also contributed to a 27 percent increase of the Group number compared to 2016. The numbers for the USA as well as for a few of the European countries from 2016 were revised upward due to recalculations regarding the purchase of products and services.

Overview of Scope 3 emissions (t CO2e)
National company 2016 2017  Comparison year-on-year
Germany (incl. T-Systems) 4,879,850 6,013,202
Hungary  572,533 672,046
Croatia  320,386 363,383
Slovakia  265,095 327,906
Greece  1,243,149 1,049,535
Romania  500,539 660,381
Austria  116,802 141,762
Czech Republic  185,787 226,466
Netherlands  190,656 211,694
Poland  362,078 572,403
Albania   7,507 Documented for the first time in 2017
Macedonia   33,028 Documented for the first time in 2017
Montenegro   20,535 Documented for the first time in 2017
United States 4,217,941 5,768,480
T-Systems (without Germany)   239,195 Documented for the first time in 2017
Total 12,854,817 16,307,523