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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Protecting biodiversity

Species extinction is occurring at an alarming rate worldwide, and the consequences are difficult to predict. One major cause of extinction is the fact that more and more space is being taken up by industry, agriculture and transportation. When it comes to our environmental impact, the topic of land usage plays a subordinate role for us. Deutsche Telekom's business operations primarily impact biodiversity at the beginning of the value-added chain. This impact is clearly diminished at later stages.

Nevertheless, we are concerned about protecting biodiversity. To this end, we develop and support ICT img solutions that can help maintain biodiversity. Furthermore, we influence the maintenance and enhancement of biodiverse habitats in the direct surroundings of our various locations. That is why we collaborate with competent partners on nature conservation efforts near us.

Fighting bee mortality with narrowband technology
Deutsche Telekom supports solutions that help maintain biodiversity. One example of this is a solution by start-up company "Bee and Me" from Montenegro. This young company uses narrowband technology NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) for optimizing apiculture. With this technology, data relevant to the beehive, such as temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, weight and bee activity, can be recorded and sent to the beekeeper using an app. This allows the beekeeper to take immediate action if the beehive is in danger.

Renaturation of biodiverse habitats
Since 2003 we have been carrying out comprehensive collection campaigns for used cell phones. The cell phones are then reused or, if they are no longer functional, properly recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. We use the profits from these collection campaigns to support charitable organizations, especially in the fields of resource protection, environmental protection, nature conservation and education. In 2017, we supported two biodiversity protection projects – a gorilla protection project sponsored by the Frankfurt Zoological Society as well as the monkey orphanage J.A.C.K. sponsored by Pro Wildlife e.V. Both organizations have been partners in the cell phone collection center since 2017. You can find more information at

Cooperation with Environmental ActionGermany ended
We supported the nature conservation projects of Environmental Action Germany from 2003. This cooperative venture was terminated at the end of 2017.