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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Innovative sustainable products and services launched in Greece

In 2017, the OTE Group launched and developed several products and services to help customers improve their sustainability performance. The Group also successfully implemented some significant projects with the same objective. A number of examples are listed below: 

Smart City Applications: Smart city applications were enriched by the OTE Group in 2017 so as to offer local communities the benefits of smart technologies. The Smart City portfolio includes applications for Parking, Lighting, Air Quality Monitoring, Waste Management, and Building Energy Management. Over the next two years, the OTE Group is also expanding its Narrowband IoT network which will cover 95% of the population. This will enable it to reinforce the use of smart city applications. 

Chalkida  is the first city in Greece to have a complex of smart pilot systems installed: Smart Parking, Smart Lighting, Air Quality and Waste Management, together with an integrated smart city platform. These applications will facilitate the process of finding parking spaces and contribute to decongesting traffic and reducing the city's energy consumption. It will also provide useful information on air quality and optimize waste collection. The project was conducted in 2017. 

In 2017, COSMOTE was one of the first providers in Europe to implement the technology for the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) in the city of Patras. This was a first in Greece and the Smart Parking, Smart Lighting and Air Quality solutions were installed at a selected location in the city center of Patras. 

GRNET: The OTE Group provided the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) with ICT solutions (data center and cloud infrastructure) so that 31 interconnected hospitals were able to offer more efficient services to their patients and reduce operational costs. The project also helps the research community by allowing controlled and anonymous access to large volumes of imaging data to meet the needs of medical research. 

Energy Management: The COSMOTE Energy Management service was implemented at several buildings in the Municipalities of Patras and Agios Dimitrios using remote intervention to monitor the energy consumption at these buildings in real time. The service is expected to contribute to protecting the environment, improving the quality of city life, and reducing operational costs. 

After installing the service in five municipal buildings in the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, the annual energy savings are estimated to be about 66 MWh, and CO2 emissions are projected to be reduced by some 55 metric tons. 

e-Fuel Management Service: The e-Fuel Management service is an integrated solution, launched in 2017 by COSMOTE in order to offer monitoring of fuel consumption in corporate vehicles and hence reduce operating expenses.