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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Educational STEM Activities in Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom is a technology leader and it has identified developments in the labor market, in the economy and in the academic community. The company has launched a STEM img program that raises the popularity of STEM occupations among university students, with elementary and high school students, and also among our employees.

Hrvatski Telekom recognizes the importance of fostering the interest of young people in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In 2017, we therefore continued to focus our activities on strengthening this interest.

In 2017, the competition for funding entitled “Together we are Stronger” (Zajedno smo jači) concentrated on projects aimed at the education of school and university students, educators, and on socially responsible innovations. The winner in the category of Youth Education was the "HT Campus" project developed by the Astronomical Society Višnjan. The monetary prize in the category Teacher/Professor education was awarded to the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation for the project entitled "Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies in Croatian Schools". The project developed by the Zagreb-based Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Zagreb entitled "The First Croatian Hydrogen Refueling Station" was declared the best in the category of Innovations.

The launch of the HT STEM HUB incubator in 2016 was directed toward fostering the development of skills in science, technology, engineering and math. The intention is to create an academic and economic community of young experts, enabling them to realize their professional ambitions in Croatia using the most advanced technology with secured resources. The STEM program of Hrvatski Telekom facilitates inclusion in international projects that are realized within the Deutsche Telekom Group inside Croatia.

Hrvatski Telekom was the first organization to bring together several individual STEM initiatives. This has involved integrating a number of activities to introduce children to interdisciplinary knowledge such as robotics and astronomy. We cooperate with STEM faculties and their students come to us for practice and mentoring. They then have an opportunity to earn a scholarship and excellent associated job opportunities. The students selected for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering receive a monthly scholarship of HRK 3,000.

Collaboration with student associations enables us to participate in competitions relating to the design of business cases, in career fairs, and frequent visits by our specialists to faculties imparting specific practical knowledge to students.

A machine learning workshop held during the year for students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Science was also very successful, and the participants gave favorable feedback. 

We joined forces with hub:raum – Deutsche Telekom’s incubator – to organize the “HACK IT!” hackathon. The hackathon is part of our broader strategy to enhance STEM activities in Croatia. Ten teams competed to develop the best solution in the field of immersive within the space of 24 hours. The main prize was for HRK 30,000 (approx. EUR 4,000). Out of 125 applications submitted from across the region, the 10 best teams have been selected to compete in offering the best and most comprehensive solution for future communication. Virtual and augmented reality, holograms, and artificial intelligence will be included in our future communication

The winning team “Tartle” presented an interactive fairy tale for young children. The solution uses extended reality to communicate with children on smartphones. It "listens" and creates virtual objects and characters to the keywords in the environment. The team gets access to hub:raum programs.