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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Fostering Culture and Digitization in Greece

Free WiFi img Services at 20 Top Archaeological Sites and Museums in Greece
In cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport, COSMOTE has launched the provision of free WiFi at 20 archaeological sites and museums throughout Greece. By 2017, Wi-Fi access was already in place at the Acropolis, Delphi, Akrotiri on Santorini, the Knights’ Palace and Archeology Museum on Rhodes, the Athens Byzantine Museum, Eleftherna Museum on Crete, and at the Delos museum and archeological site. The archeological sites at Knossos and Sounio, the Royal Tombs (Vergina), the National Archeological Museum, Ancient Olympia, the Archeological Museums at Heraklion and Thessaloniki, the Acropolis on Lindos, Ancient Epidaurus, the Acropolis of Mycenae, Spinaloga, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, ancient Dodoni, and ancient Corinth will be the next sites to go online. COSMOTE is investing more than € 2 million to harness the power of technology and promote Greek cultural heritage. The project includes the study, design, and development of wireless network infrastructures at selected locations by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, provision of the necessary equipment, operation and maintenance of the networks, and free wireless Wi-Fi internet for three years. Free WiFi provision will be completed in the course of 2018.

Contemporary Artistic Creation at the Onassis Foundation
The OTE Group supports the Onassis Foundation with the aim of promoting more than 120 productions in the field of culture. The focus here is on contemporary art. In 2017, COSMOTE focused on supporting the exhibition "Science Fiction: Travel to the Unknown". This included creations by modern artists inspired by the opportunities of science fiction in design, cinema, and literature. The exhibition also included concerts, educational programs, workshops and film screenings. At the same time, COSMOTE is supporting the upgrade for the application entitled "Soundscapes – Landscapes 2". This enables visitors to take part in a poetic journey of sound and image around the streets of the city using tablets and smartphones.