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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Health and Sports at T-Systems Mexico

Health Month
As part of our “Total Health” Program, an in-company training program was launched to promote physical exercise, improve the health and lifestyle of employees, and enable them to participate in relaxing activities with their co-workers.

This year’s “Health Month” was organized in October 2017 and included activities for all our employees. The company received government support through the Mexican Social Security Institute and employees were offered a check-up with eye test, blood-pressure measurements, testing for glucose levels, vaccinations for seasonal diseases, and height and weight checks.

The program included six health presentations, five guest specialists in insurance, dental and eye care, and four courses on civil defense. 371 employees took part in the Health Month representing30% of the workforce. They were able to attend any of the health events held in Puebla and Mexico City.

Sports Tournaments
T-Systems Mexico seeks to promote greater integration, better quality of life, and a good work-life balance. This year TSMX organized various sports tournaments such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and dominos from January to December. There was a big uptake and approximately 40% of our employees took part in various activities. This helped to improve our work ethic, enhanced teamwork, contributed to a healthy lifestyle and released stress.