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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Energy and Climate Change Projects in Greece

Energy Management System according to ISO 50001
The OTE Group has prioritized improvement in all the functions of energy performance and major company installations (office facilities, call centers, data centers and telecommunication networks). This is a response to global efforts directed toward mitigating climate change.

In 2016, OTE and COSMOTE achieved certification of two important buildings in their portfolio and five base stations in the mobile network in conformity with the ISO 50001 standard. The first year for implementation of the Energy Management System saw energy savings of some 3.5% in each building and an average of about 16% in each base station. In 2017, the Energy Management System successfully expanded to seven important new facilities including technology and office buildings, call centers, data centers, and the head office of the OTE Group. The system has also been expanded to seven base stations in the mobile network.  

The strategic aim of the OTE Group for 2018 is to further enrich its portfolio with a significant number of facilities certified according to ISO 50001.

“Green” building with LEED Gold Certification
The OTE Group respects the environment in practice and invests in the rational and sustainable use of energy throughout its operations. OTE Estate is a company of the OTE Group and it is responsible for the management and commercialization of the OTE Group’s real estate portfolio. The company organized and implemented renovation of a building (with total floor space of 10,850 m2) located in the historic center of Athens that houses part of the OTE Group’s Call Center services. The aim was to construct an environmentally sustainable building model capable of offering an ideal workplace for the Group’s employees.

The effectiveness of the building renovation was certified to gold level by the international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification scheme for environmental and sustainable buildings from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This is one of just few buildings in Greece with Gold level LEED certification and it is the second building in the portfolio of the OTE Estate to achieve this certification.

The building’s GOLD level LEED certification constitutes a significant distinction that was achieved after a very demanding process. The objective is to improve performance for a series of indicators such as energy consumption, water use, CO2 emissions, the quality of the internal environment, and management of resources. Indicatively, the energy and environmental measures implemented in the building include the energy efficiency of the shell, installation of new electrical and mechanical equipment with optimum energy performance, an automation and control system for monitoring and optimizing the operation of electrical and mechanical building installations, and implementation of an extensive commissioning program during construction.

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