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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Energy Strategy at T-Mobile USA

The cross-functional energy team at T-Mobile USA representing retail, corporate real estate, critical facilities, network engineering, procurement and sustainability meets several times annually to raise the profile of energy efficiency across the business. T-Mobile submitted its second Carbon Disclosure report in 2017.

Our key energy metrics, energy and carbon intensity both saw strong improvements in 2017:

Our Renewable Energy Commitment: In 2017, T-Mobile made a commitment to move toward 100% renewable energy usage by 2021. Early in the year, we made the largest wind-power investment ever by a U.S. wireless company, buying up to 160 MW of renewable energy credits from the Red Dirt wind power project in Oklahoma. A second investment in the new Solomon Forks Wind Project in Kansas is underway. 

The combined production of the Red Dirt Wind Power and the Solomon Forks Wind Project is a total contracted capacity of 320 MW, the largest amount held by any US wireless company and a landmark holding in the world of wind energy.

These 12 and 15-year clean energy contracts will reduce T-Mobile’s operating CO2 emissions across our US retail stores, call centers, and network operations by 60 percent over the next two years.