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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Progress at Office Buildings and Data Centers at T-Systems Netherlands

Since 2016, our office building in Vianen has been supplied entirely with green energy (100 %). Our offices in Heerlen and The Hague cannot be supplied with green energy due to the fact that there are other tenants in the building and to the strategy of the owner of the building.

In 2017, we focused on improved efficiency for the floor space of our office buildings. A significant decrease in floor space will be achieved as a result:

  • at the end of 2018, a decrease of 50% in The Hague and
  • at the end of 2019 a decrease of 40% in Vianen.

The main focus for our data centers in 2017 was the significant decrease of floor space and energy consumption (28% less energy consumed by comparison with 2016, 13% less energy consumed by comparison with 2015). This was achieved through asset refresh (lifecycle management), decommissioning, and data-center consolidation.