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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Encouraging implementation

We want to motivate people to find creative digital solutions to social challenges. To do this, we provide tangible support and make it easier for them to realize their ideas. Our efforts include, for example, our involvement with the "Deutschland sicherimNetz" association and our collaboration with the German National Association of Senior Citizen's Organisations (BAGSO) to sponsor media literacy projects for seniors. Furthermore, we support the development of innovative solutions, such as new apps, and we develop our own sustainable products and services. We want to be a reliable partner in the era of digitalization, which is why we closely evaluate all of the feedback we receive. Our stakeholder dialog gives stakeholders the opportunity to rate sustainability topics according to their importance and assess our performance in the different areas.


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Partnering with "Deutschland sicher im Netz" and BAGSO

The Deutschland sicher imNetz e.V. (DsiN) association has served as a central point of contact for consumers and small businesses interested in the topics of IT security and data privacy for ten years now. Thomas Kremer, Deutsche Telekom Board Member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance, is chairman of the board at DsiN. As a member of the association, we are engaged in the youth competition myDigitalWorld and the workshop series IT-Sicherheit@Mittelstand. We also participate in the Digital Neighborhood project, which trains people to become volunteers sharing their IT knowledge with others. The Digital Neighborhood project was presented during the Community Volunteering Week in September 2017. At the Engagement Market, we presented self-study courses for training as a volunteer security and Internet trainer.

Our contribution to the SDGs

We promote media literacy among seniors in collaboration with the German National Association of Senior Citizen's Organisations, BAGSO. As a partner, we sponsored the Internet Gold Award 2017. Further partners are DsiN, Wegeaus der Einsamkeit e.V. (Wade), Google Germany and SAP. The award recognizes people over the age of 60 who use the Internet skillfully and help others to get started in the online world. The Minister of the Interior, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, acted as patron for the year 2017. In the context we support one of the winners of the special award "Let ideas grow” in implementing their project by providing advice and support in public relations and networking.

As an advisory board member we are also involved in the joint Digital-Kompass project conducted by BAGSO and DsiN.  Digital-Kompass provides older people and those teaching them to navigate the Internet with tried and tested materials.

Innovative solutions to social challenges

Technology can also be used to address social challenges. This is why we support the development of various digital solutions and education offers such as the German concussion test app GTE or the "MyShake” app, which turns smartphones into earthquake early warning systems. In the reporting year, we also supported the following projects:

Our contribution to the SDGs

Supporting dementia research in a fun way with the virtual reality game"Sea Hero Quest VR"
Based on the successful mobile game, Deutsche Telekom launched a virtual reality version of Sea Hero Quest in 2017. The aim is to bring scientists one step closer to the development of new methods for the early diagnosis of dementia. Dementia is a big medical challenge, with 47 million patients as of today. In 2050, there will be three times as many.

"Sea Hero Quest Mobile" generated data about the users’ spatial navigation ability as the loss of this ability is one of the first symptoms of dementia. Based on this data, scientists were able to determine a worldwide benchmark of spatial navigation in healthy people. "Sea Hero Quest VR" now takes the next step: this innovative format will enable much more precise data on spatial navigation ability to be collected thanks to its three-dimensional display.

2 percent of all Samsung Gear owners worldwide already have downloaded and played the VR game. Overall, by today, over 3.8 million people have supported dementia research by playing Sea Hero Quest mobile & VR. The initiative shows how digitalization can influence and change scientific research in a positive way.

The VR game can be downloaded for free at the Oculus Store and in Google Daydream. The mobile game is furthermore available for download in the App Store as well as in Google Play.

Year of voluntary social/digital work: Under the pilot project "Year of voluntary social/digital work" (FSJ Digital) in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt, young people with an interest in media supported non-profit organizations, such as facilities for seniors and people with disabilities, with digital projects and the application of new media. Volunteers received media teaching support during their entire time on the program. The concept was tested at 25 facilities in Saxony-Anhalt. The program offered a wide spectrum of activities ranging from digital storytelling to creating accessible web content. The project was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and supported by Deutsche Telekom and AG. The project is being evaluated after completing its second year.

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Telekom Albania receives "Contribution to National Level" Prize

Telekom Albania was awarded the “Contribution to National Level” Prize by Partners Albania at a ceremony on 1 December. The award acknowledged Telekom’s major contributions supporting social, healthcare and environmental development in Albania. The contributions include stocking with books at the public libraries in the City of Tirana, donation of medical equipment to the “Shefqet Ndroqi” Hospital and the Neurology Service at the ”Mother Theresa” University Hospital Center, and the special contribution for research into the fight against dementia through the use of virtual reality. 

This is the third award of its kind for Telekom Albania. In 2012, an award was bestowed on Telekom for its contribution to vulnerable communities and its long-term engagement in encouraging volunteering initiatives. In 2012, Telekom Albania received an accolade for its contribution to vulnerable groups requiring refurbishment the Retirees’ Home in the City of Fier.

Educational Robotics in Greece

COSMOTE is a strategic partner of the non-profit organization for educational robotics, science and technology WRO Hellas and over the past three years the Group has been implementing a series of educational robotics initiatives with the aim of disseminating STEM img subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in the Greek educational system. The following initiatives were launched in 2017:

  • The Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition for primary, junior high and high school students was rolled out. More than 3,500 children participated in the competition and over 1,000 teachers were trained to enable the students’ teams to design and build a complete robotic model.
  • The National WRO Competition was organized with more than 700 students participating from all over Greece. The winning teams took part in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) held in Costa Rica in November 2017. Greek students spent an intensive preparation period from the announcement of the WRO in March 2017 until the finals in Costa Rica developing critical skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, engineering, and programming.
  • The Bronze Medal and significant awards were bestowed on Greek teams at the World Robot Olympiad 2017. The SMARTBIRDS NEXT team from Patras won a Bronze Medal and was ranked third worldwide (category: "Open Elementary"). This was the 2nd Olympic Award gained by Greece at the WRO. Other Greek teams ranked 7th and 15th in the “Regular Junior” category, 11th in the “Open Senior” category, and 16th in the WRO Football category worldwide.