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  • 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

Raising awareness

We want to be a reliable partner in the digitalized world. This is why we work to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges that digitalization brings and encourage public dialog, for example, by fostering the Charter of Digital Networking.


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“1001 truths – trust and opinion forming online” activity day

The Internet makes it possible to distribute information directly and unfiltered. Serious news is more and more often mixed with opinions or "fake news". And in social networks, insults and hate messages can be found more and more often. But how can fake news be identified? And what can we do about personal attacks and insults on the Internet? More than 2000 of our employees discussed these and other questions in July 2017 during the "1001 Truths - trust and opinion forming online” activity day in Bonn.

Internal and external experts were on hand to answer questions, from Barack Obama's election campaign manager to the founder of "Hate helps", a Facebook group that turns hate messages into donations. In numerous presentations and personal talks, the experts provided information about the impact of fake news and ways of identifying it. Furthermore, our employees were able to participate in discussion rounds with internal and external experts, found out how the police use their social media channels or how they can react to cyberbullying, and learned more about the darknet in our Cyber Defense Center.

Safety first: Our commitment to secure handling of data

Deutsche Telekom continuously works on providing transparent information on data protection for Internet users and raising the users’ awareness of the necessity to handle data securely. The advice portal, for example, provides information on online risks and protective measures. Our Teachtoday initiative and our engagement in "Making Germany safe on the net" are our commitment to more secure and competent media usage.