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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

About this report

"Act responsibly. Enable sustainability." is the title of our 2018 CR Report. We chose this title to emphasize our commitment to sustainable activity along the entire value chain and to highlight the potential that our products and services hold when it comes to addressing environmental, economic and social challenges.

Deutsche Telekom has been involved in CR reporting for more than 20 years. The CR Report – in addition to the non-financial statement we published in the 2018 Annual Report – is our primary medium for informing our internal and external stakeholders about our challenges and progress as a responsible, sustainable company.

Reporting period, scope of application and target groups

All quantitative information, indicators, and descriptions of key events and activities refer to the year 2018. Any deviations are marked accordingly. The 2018 CR Report is a Group report that includes many national companies in which Deutsche Telekom holds a majority stake. It also follows up on the 2017 CR Report.

This report is specifically addressed to Deutsche Telekom stakeholders. These include analysts and investors, CR ranking and rating agencies, non-governmental organizations, customers, employees, business partners and representatives from the fields of business, science, research, education and politics.

Looking back on Deutsche Telekom’s CR reporting

Deutsche Telekom has been reporting on its sustainability activities in various publications since 1996. From 2003 through 2006 we published a combined annual HR and Sustainability Report. An interim report issued in 2007 formed the transition to our current CR reporting. Since 2008 the Telekom Group has been publishing a comprehensive CR Report each year.

Our online report: Focal points and context

We have been publishing our CR Report exclusively online since the 2010/2011 reporting year to meet the requirements and user preferences of our stakeholders.

The online 2018 CR Report has been available since March 27, 2019 in German and English. On the homepage we highlight current sustainability topics from different perspectives. The series starts with the topic of resource conservation. Further topics will be added during the course of the year. In addition, we keep you updated on important events and activities in short articles. We are also offering the homepage for the first time in simple language.

Each of the five main sections begins with an introduction and an overview of relevant events and developments on that topic. The subsequent pages are structured as follows:

  • Sustainability relevance: explains what makes the topic significant to sustainable development and to Deutsche Telekom's long-term business success.
  • Management approach: how Deutsche Telekom approaches key sustainability topics, what its goals are and how it intends to achieve them.
  • Progress during the reporting period.

The report also includes information on “CR facts” and specific information for investors and rating agencies. This is background information on a variety of topics that can be accessed directly from the text via links. Readers can also access the "CR facts" section at any time by clicking on the footer. A download area, search and dialog functions and an interactive benchmarking tool make it even easier to navigate the report. What's more, the info cart lets readers select different content and create a customized PDF file.

Selection of key topics for the 2018 CR Report

To identify the key topics for the report, we conducted a comprehensive materiality process. The process is a regular component of our annual CR reporting activities that helps us identify the topics with maximum relevance for us and our stakeholders.

Structure of the current online report

The online 2018 CR Report has been structured as a progress report. It focuses on key developments during the reporting period, which are discussed in five central reporting sections:

  • Customers and products
  • Society
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Climate and environment

These are complemented by three additional sections:

  • The Strategy and management section describes the management of CR processes and the Group-wide integration of Deutsche Telekom's CR strategy.
  • The majority of our national companies whose CR activities are described in this report have their own profile page. The profile pages can be found under the "National companies" menu option.
  • In the Indicators section, consolidated and commented indicators provide information about our progress in the past few years.

Additional sources for CR-relevant content

In addition to this online 2018 CR Report, we also use the non-financial statement published in our Annual Report to provide information on how we assume responsibility in society. Further information about our current CR activities can be found under the "Responsibility" menu option of the Deutsche Telekom website. The national companies provide information about their CR commitment on their Internet portals and in their own publications. The online magazine "We Care" additionally offers varied and interactive information on key social challenges.

Implementation of high international reporting standards

Deutsche Telekom's 2018 CR Report 2018 complies with the internationally recognized guidelines (GRI Standards) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It also serves as a Communication on Progress (CoP) from Deutsche Telekom as part of the United Nations Global Compact. You can find an overview of specific measures being used to implement the Global Compact principles here. Deutsche Telekom also issues an annual, detailed Declaration of Conformity with the German Sustainability Code.

Assurance engagement

Selected indicators from the 2018 CR Report for Germany and our national companies Magyar Telekom (Hungary), Slovak Telekom (Slovakia), OTE and Cosmote (Greece) and T-Mobile US were audited as part of an assurance engagement by auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

All of the audited indicators are identified by the symbol and will apply unchanged until the next CR report is published. The independent assurance report can be found under the Assurance report menu option.