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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

CR rating: Group-wide implementation of the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct (CoC) is a key part of Deutsche Telekom's compliance management system. The CoC has been implemented at all of our national companies, which means that the managing boards of those national companies have approved it and communicated it to the company's employees. We encourage new national companies to implement the CoC as well.

New employees learn about the CoC when they join the company. The CoC can also be accessed on Deutsche Telekom's public websites and on the intranet along with other information and training material, e.g., in an e-learning format. Testimonial videos and statements by the management also emphasize the importance of the CoC for everyday work at Deutsche Telekom.

We regularly conduct campaigns especially designed to raise awareness of the CoC, including an annual Guiding Principles Day and an annual Anti-Corruption Day. Our Group-wide employee survey and pulse surveys also regularly assess employees' familiarity with the CoC. 86 percent of those surveyed in the last employee survey conducted in 2015 said that the Code of Conduct was the basis of their daily activities. Based on the survey results, we are offering additional communication and training measures to departments as needed.

Employees can get their compliance-related questions on the CoC answered on the Ask me! advice portal or by contacting the Compliance department.