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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Lifetime work accounts

We offer our employees attractive offers to help them achieve a better work-life balance. A good work-life balance is essential for satisfied and motivated employees, and for an efficient, innovative and energetic workforce as a key to business success. This requires flexible working conditions, family-friendly offers and effective health promotion as well as, not least, establishing work-life balance as a permanent part of the corporate culture.

With our flexible working conditions, we provide our employees with new opportunities to achieve an even better work-life balance.

  • Guaranteed right of return from part-time work: Deutsche Telekom encourages setting up part-time positions and guarantees employees the right to return to their original weekly working hours.
  • Tandem: With our award-winning job sharing model, we offer our employees new ways to achieve a better work-life balance. With a tandem partner, challenging positions or even management roles are also possible on a part-time basis. 
  • Lifetime work accounts: A lifetime work account can be used to finance time out or to support a period of part-time work without any difficulty.
  • Mobile working: Working from home or on the move is the normal state of affairs at Deutsche Telekom. In addition, the most important framework regulations were set out for the first time in a general collective agreement in order to implement mobile working as a new and innovative way of working. 

With the following family-friendly offers we provide our employees with targeted support in their private lives to make it easier for them to reconcile work and family life. 

  • Childcare offers: At a number of sites with large numbers of employees, Deutsche Telekom provides childcare facilities, holiday childcare programs, and parent-and-child offices. 
  • Free consulting and placement service: Our cooperation partner “awo lifebalance” and an online service assist our employees with regard to childcare (including emergency childcare), care for relatives, and household services. 
  • Employee networks: Information on reconciling work and family life, contacts and discussion forums in various networks, such as the “Väternetzwerk” (Fathers’ Network) or “Stay in contacT” are available. 
  • Family Fund: Support for employee projects that help improve the work-life balance for employees. 
  • Social Fund: Fast financial aid to employees who are unable to find a way out of financial difficulties they are facing through no fault of their own, and subsidies for recreational activities for severely disabled children. 
  • Welfare service: Support for children who have lost one or both parents, employees in crisis situations, students from low-income families and leisure activities for senior citizens. 
  • Recreation service (ErholungsWerk): Employees can take advantage of low-cost family holidays at one of our 18 holiday resorts. 

In addition, promoting the health of our employees is a key component of our work-life strategy. 

  • Preventive health care: Deutsche Telekom regularly offers its employees numerous preventive healthcare services, for example, a medical check, health screening, vaccinations or dietary advice.
  • TALK TIME: Deutsche Telekom offers professional support for all difficulties experienced in a professional and private context. The experts from the BAD Employee and Executive Advisory Service take time and look together with those seeking advice for solutions, e.g., in the case of problems in a relationship, with the family or at work. 

Our complete range of offers for a better work-life balance can be found at