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Junior Engineer Academies

The Junior Engineer Academy gets secondary-level students (grade eight and higher) excited about technical professions and careers in engineering. The Junior Engineer Academy is offered as an elective at participating schools for two years and conducted in collaboration with universities, scientific institutes and companies. The project was implemented for the first time in 2005 and gives students the opportunity to put the knowledge they learn in the classroom into practice. Since the beginning of the project, the school network has been growing steadily. In 2017, nine new Junior Engineer Academies joined the network, which means that there are already 88 schools in Germany that offer an academy. In 2017, for example, students from secondary schools in Leipzig were able to research interesting telecommunications projects the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HfTL). One group of students developed a cost-efficient robot that can be used in IT classes at school.

For the school year 2018/2019, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung is inviting applications for new junior engineering academies across Germany for the last time. Schools that would like to integrate the teaching model on a long-term basis into their teaching schedule can submit an application to Deutsche Telekom Stiftung along with their concepts. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung will provide the winning schools with seed funding of up to 10,000 euros to enable them to set up a Junior Engineer Academy. Participants are encouraged to meet regularly at annual JIA conferences to share their experiences.