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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Social networks

Telekom is pushing ahead with the transformation of our working culture toward the concept of Enterprise 2.0. The term Enterprise 2.0 stands for all the options provided by social media for creating new forms of collaboration within an enterprise, in addition to new forms of customer contact. Above all, social media can dramatically improve communication within a business enterprise. More dialog takes place, and this leads to more transparency and communication irrespective of hierarchies. Employees have more opportunities for setting their own agenda with topics of their choice, and it is also easier for them to join discussions that are already underway.

Since 2007 employees at Deutsche Telekom have been building networks on internal social media platforms to exchange ideas and promote collaboration across departments. That is why we established the Telekom Social Network (TSN) in 2012, so that employees would have access to a central platform for their networking activities. TSN boasts a high number of users, making it one of the largest and fastest growing corporate networks in the world. All of the members of our Board of Management use the network as well.

In 2012, we set up a Social Media Council to manage and implement our social media strategy. The council is responsible for implementing our external social media strategy and makes sure that people at the company comply with the regulations when using social media. Representatives from the Social Media Council have the authority to make the final decision in escalation cases. Deutsche Telekom developed an online training program to train all employees in how to use social media at the workplace and launched it as part of our regular offer mid-year.

We promote the use of social media at Deutsche Telekom through numerous marketing, communications and HR projects. The strategic HR initiative Global Collaboration plays an important role in this regard. It aims to improve collaboration throughout the Group, across all segments and national borders.

Outlook: Governance framework and technological advancement
We established a mandatory governance framework in 2013 to provide guidelines for the internal and external use of social media throughout the Group. These guidelines define and specify appropriate use of social media in areas such as marketing activities and in terms of data privacy and security.