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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Vocational Training

Deutsche Telekom stands for outstanding company training and education offers in the commercial and technical field. With a total of around 6,600 apprentices and students on cooperative degree programs in the 2018/2019 training year, Deutsche Telekom is one of Germany's biggest training providers. We train competent employees throughout Germany. Our commitment to education and training is much more than an active response to the growing shortage of highly qualified specialists. We take corporate and social responsibility seriously, with dedication that extends beyond national borders. Fast-paced technological progress is becoming more and more dynamic, thus creating a growing need for qualified specialists in areas where innovation and technical development take place. The purpose of our new training concept is to strengthen and boost our capacity for innovation at Telekom. We are constantly bringing new talent and expertise into the Group. This enriches our internal pool of qualified junior employees, who will be moving up through the ranks in the years ahead.

The HfTL University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig is a key provider of vocational training and professional development courses, particularly in the technology sector.

Targeted promotion of the best talent in IT and customer advice/in sales
In our “Young IT Talents” ( YITT) and “Young Sales Talents” (YST) programs we promote apprentices and students on cooperative study programs who demonstrate special talent in the field of IT, customer advice and sales. The aim is to identify very good apprentices and students at an early stage, and promote and retain them. In the competition for talent, both programs ensure our attractiveness as a potential employer after completion of the training or course of study.

Perspectives create more opportunities for disadvantaged groups
In cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency, we help members of disadvantaged social groups to start off in the working world or further develop their skills.

The entry-level training internship is aimed in particular at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who receive basic income support or have difficulty finding their place. The project has been a big success.

We are continuing to offer single mothers and fathers the opportunity to undertake a course of training or cooperative study program with reduced working hours. We offer part-time training in all training programs at Deutsche Telekom and in cooperative study programs.