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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Mobile Austria

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Andreas Bierwirth, CEO of T-Mobile Austria

Sustainability is at the core of our company values. After becoming Austria’s first completely carbon-neutral telecommunications provider in 2015, we were able to successfully continue and extend our efforts to support the climate initiatives of Deutsche Telekom in 2016.

We are certified to be 100 percent carbon neutral by buying energy from renewable sources, lowering our energy consumption per gigabyte of data transported in our network, developing alternative energy sources for mobile towers, and compensating for residual CO2 emissions through certified carbon offset. We are proud of our position as Austria’s only completely carbon-neutral telecommunications provider.

We took environmental responsibility to a new level in 2016 by giving our customers an environmentally and ethically responsible choice when picking a handset. We are proud that T-Mobile Austria is the first member of the Deutsche Telekom family working in partnership with Fairphone.

This social enterprise based in the Netherlands was awarded the prestigious “Blue Angel”  environmental award in October 2016 for striving to build smartphones based on the principles of fair trade in their sourcing, longevity through easily repairable and upgradable components, and ethically sound production.

Alongside our efforts to be an environmentally responsible player in the Austrian market, we continue to focus our social responsibility on digitally enhancing education opportunities. This is achieved by supporting the integration of migrants and refugees into society and the workplace, and being committed to diversity through various activities, including our long-standing support for people with HIV/AIDS.

“Connected Kids” is our lighthouse project for allowing students and teachers to experience the many possibilities that digital media can bring to enhance the learning experience. We have offered hundreds of schools and teachers, and thousands of students a first-hand opportunity to find out what it is like to work in a connected class room. They are shown how learning can be enriched for each individual student according to his or her needs. Participants also learn about all aspects of how to live and share safely in a digitally connected world.

Andreas Bierwirth, CEO T-Mobile Austria

Awards and Memberships

  • 2016: At the "fête d'excellence" 2016, T-Mobile was awarded the "Top Service" quality seal for its excellent customer orientation.
  • 2016: Our mobile network was awarded a "very good" rating in the "Connect Network Test"
  • 2016: T-Mobile received a national award for family friendliness
  • 2016: For the third time in a row, the readers of the prestigious trade magazine "connect" voted us the most popular mobile network operator in Austria.
  • 2017: Among the mobile hotlines in Austria tested by Connect, T-Mobile Austria was the only mobile operator to gain a "very good" rating and also achieved the second highest score in the entire German-speaking area.
  • 2017: The national study "Mobile Radio Shops 2017" carried out by the Austrian Association for Consumer Studies made our shops the test winner of the overall study for the first time, ahead of A1 and three.
  • 2017: T-Mobile customer service confidently won the connect Serviceline Test for the second time in succession.
  • 2017: tele.ring won first place in the “Promotoren Grand Prix 2017”, a recommendation prize for Austria, in the category of telecommunications. T-Mobile was runner-up in second place. Drei took third place, A1 ended up coming in last.
  • 2017: For the fourth time in a row, T-Mobile was voted the most popular mobile network operator in Austria by readers of the prestigious trade magazine "connect".
  • 2017: 19 Austrian companies from different industries received the quality seal "Top Service Austria 2017" for special customer orientation, and we gained 3rd place.
  • 2017: Militia seal of approval
  • 2018 For the fifth time in a row, T-Mobile was voted the most popular mobile network operator in Austria by readers of the prestigious trade magazine "connect".
  • 2018: T-Mobile achieved first place and the only "very good" rating in customer service, shop and online prices. KONSUMENT magazine voted T-Mobile the test winner in the mobile phone consulting test.
  • 2018: ICCA Award Shop colleagues scored the highest customer satisfaction in the Group and were awarded the ICCA Award.
  • 2018: T-Mobile won two international Customer Experience Awards 2018
  • 2018 Test winner of the connect network test: T-Mobile has best mobile network in Austria

Fairphone 2 at T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria actively supports Dutch company Fairphone in its efforts to raise awareness of fair electronics and promote responsibility in the industry. In 2018, the company extended its support to Austrian Fairphoners, the first Austrian Fairphone community. It also provided financial aid for the Global 2000 Fairness Run community fund in Vienna and the Südwind Street Festival. The Austrian Fairphoners community aims to connect Fairphone users in Austria and to spread the word about the Fairphone movement.

T-Mobile Austria is one of the first mobile network providers in the world and the only provider in Austria to combine a mobile contract with Fairphone 2, the first sustainable and socially responsible smartphone. The company has been offering this product since early 2016. It gives new and current customers an opportunity to choose a sustainable way of life when it comes to their smartphones. 

Fairphone focuses on four main challenges: to make mining at the beginning of the value chain, design, production, and the product life cycle more sustainable and transparent. In order to achieve this goal, the company cooperates with initiatives for the extraction of tin and tantalum from conflict-free mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo and sources conflict-free tungsten from Rwanda. It also created the first pilot supply chain for fair-trade gold in smartphones and promotes longevity through the modular product design of Fairphone 2. Spare parts for Fairphone 2 can also be ordered through T-Mobile Austria so as to facilitate long-term use of the product.

Connected Kids

Digital literacy is becoming a basic skill required for participating in any aspect of society. T-Mobile Austria intends to use its Connected Kids project to raise awareness among students, parents, and teachers about the many different ways of using mobile Internet for learning. The company also wants to advance the use of digital media in schools. Since its launch in 2013, almost 11,158 students in some 453 participating classes and about 624 teachers have already had an opportunity to explore digital learning in a connected classroom.

The Connected Kids blog is an important tool to make the experience of using digital media in schools and families part of a connected classroom available to the general public.

Long-term project goals include inspiring students to pass on the knowledge they acquire to people outside traditional educational institutions.

TUN Fund presents Sixth Sustainability Award

T-Mobile Austria started 2018 with its seventh annual call for submissions for Austria's popular sustainability prize funded through its T-Mobile Environmental and Sustainability Fund (TUN Fund). The goal of the fund is to tap the potential of mobile communications in an effort to find solutions to environmental and sustainability problems.

The awards were presented at a ceremony in January 2019 held at the T-Center in Vienna. The jury selected the winners for 2018 and granted a total of EUR 50,000 to the projects placed first, second, and third in the rankings, as well as providing a special award worth EUR 3,000 for the first time.

The first prize went to the "obono" project, a solution that distributes electronic receipts to anonymous customers via a variety of communication channels and thus prevents environmentally harmful receipt paper in dung bins. The other winners were TopEasy, a daily news overview on a smartphone in easy-to-understand language, and goUrban, an intelligent fleet solution for sharing or pool vehicles.

In addition to the main prizes, the first-time special prize was awarded to the "BeeSaver" project. A virtual mentor for beekeeper accompanies beekeepers through the bee year with precise evaluations, tailor-made advice and a smart beehive.

Aid for refugees

T-Mobile Austria knows that the most important things for refugees include having a roof over their heads, the chance to talk to their families back home, and the opportunity to learn the new language. This is why T-Mobile Austria has donated around EUR 60,000 since September 2015 (EUR 30,000 in 2016) to support aid activities for refugees organized by Caritas. The money was used to cover the costs for interpreters, the organization of language cafes, and the provision of desperately needed housing. Today, 34 young people (unaccompanied young refugees) are living in the “Jamal” house set up by Caritas with the help of the donations.  Our employees raised an additional EUR 5,000 at a flea market in aid of the “Jamal” house to finance educational and leisure activities. At Christmas in 2017 and 2018, we made a donation of EUR 20,000 to the project “Living Together” (“Zusammenleben”) organized by Caritas. The company has also set up several hundred Wi-Fi hotspots img at Caritas housing centers throughout Austria and provided thousands of SIM data cards with data volume for smartphones.

T-Mobile Austria supports the "Learnmatch" app for Android and IOS, which helps refugee children learn basic German with games and a play-based teaching method. “Learnmatch” is the successor to the “hallo" app, which T-Mobile has supported in the past. It makes use of sporty gamification elements with competitions and a reward system.

As a supplement to its regular training program, T-Mobile Austria has been offering traineeships for young refugees with no family since 2010. The company sets aside 10 percent of its annual training positions for this purpose. In Vienna, the company is collaborating closely on the project with the private "lobby.16" initiative and four young refugees started their traineeships in 2018. Before their training begins, participants attend a five-month foundation program to get them ready for the course. As part of this foundation program, the apprentices complete German, math and English courses, as well as taking part in regular practical work experience days at a T-Mobile Shop. This gives them initial experience with sales and consultation discussions, and helps them become more confident with the language through regular practice in real-life situations. 

Stop Wasting – Start Caring!

Since 2014, all smartphones sold by T-Mobile have been sold unlocked. This makes it easy to pass on used devices to friends and family, or sell them online. It therefore increases the value of the original investment.

T-Mobile has been offering to repurchase used mobile devices since 2011. The "How I want it Principle" (“Wie-Ich-Will-Prinzip”) has given this program new dynamic momentum. The "Mobile Phone Purchase" app provides transparent information about the expected sales value of the used device. It is purchased by T-Mobile shops in return for credit notes. The buyback is also offered to customers of other operators.

Recycling is carried out in partnership with Teqcycle Solutions. The Munich-based company is certified for its high environmental standards and ensures secure deletion of the device memory so that personal data cannot fall into unauthorized hands. The devices are then refurbished and resold by mobile phone shops, online exchanges, and other channels. If the devices are broken or their technology is outdated, Teqcycle ensures that they are recycled in Europe under controlled conditions.

As part of its legal obligation, T-Mobile naturally also accepts old devices from customers when they no longer function properly and the devices are appropriately recycled. This process supports DEBRA Austria (the association for those affected by the skin disease epidermolysis bullosa, also known as "butterfly children") and Children's Cancer Aid in Austria:  T-Mobile makes a donation to one of the two organizations for each mobile phone handed in.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

T-Mobile Austria is a leading provider of telecommunications, TV and entertainment services in Austria. Following the acquisition of UPC Austria, the company has a total workforce of around 2,500 employees, 7.2 million telephone customers, and pro-forma sales of around EUR 1.25 billion (2017).

The T-Mobile, UPC and tele.ring brands offer fixed and mobile Internet, digital TV and entertainment as well as mobile communications for various target groups – from private smartphone and Internet consumers and families to one-person companies and listed corporations.

As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, T-Mobile Austria benefits from the innovative strength and financial stability of the Group, one of the largest global players in the telecoms market. In the 2017 financial year, the Group generated revenue of EUR 74.9 billion. T-Mobile Austria acts as the M2M expert (Machine-to-Machine) for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. Further information is available at
Number of customers   5,700,000
Number of employees   1,464
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2000
Certifications   ISO 50001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
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