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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Telekom Romania

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO

Our vision at the OTE Group, is to create a better world for all. This involves improving people’s lives through technology, increasing our positive impact on the economy and society, and minimizing our environmental footprint. In 2018, the commitment and hard work of our employees across the board empowered us to increase our sustainable performance in all the countries where we operate and allowed us to generate impressive results:

  • We achieved a strong financial performance despite external pressures and we consolidated our leading position in key markets such as fixed and mobile telephony, fast broadband, pay TV, and ICT img.
  • We remained the major telecommunications investor in Greece, building the networks of the future throughout the country and tackling the digital divide. As we look to the future, we will continue investing in FTTH img deployment and development of the fifth-generation mobile network (5G) as an enabler for the Gigabit Society.
  • Digital transformation is our main driver and this enabled us to continue changing people’s communication and lifestyle by deploying new technologies, developing new digital products, and exploring new ways of communicating with our customers. We also continued to support the transformation of businesses and the public sector.
  • We maintained our social engagement geared toward enhancing people’s digital skills with initiatives such as educational robotics and digital training sessions for retirees.
  • We continued to reduce our energy footprint, integrated the principles of the circular economy into all our operations across our value chain, and were part of the universal effort to stop global warming and protect the planet.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business strategy and it is integral to our corporate culture. In 2019, we will continue to drive forward our sustainable growth strategy toward the goal of creating a better world for everyone on the back of technology and digital transformation.

Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO

Miroslav Majoroš, Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Romania

Telekom Romania is a dynamic brand that provides a complete and innovative array of fixed and mobile telecommunication services customized for a large community base of customers totaling approximately 10 million service contracts.

Our innovative solutions open up an infinite world of opportunities that enables us to share the best experiences with our family, friends, colleagues, and all those around us. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing them with fixed and mobile integrated services, state-of-the-art 4G technologies, fiber optics, and Internet TV to bring our users a new entertainment experience with exclusive and quality content access on all screens and advanced interactive features.

Telekom Romania is the trusted partner for the companies we offer complete communication and IT&C solutions. Our network connects people and devices in order to ensure a better, safer, and simpler future.

We aim to support the sustainable development of the Romanian economy and society, specifically by assisting it on its journey toward digital transformation. As a company, we remain focused on operational improvement that will help us to secure our position in a challenging and dynamic market.

Telekom Romania has been present in the Romanian market since 2014, after the joint rebranding of Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania.

Miroslav Majoroš, Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Romania

Awards and Memberships

Telekom in Gold CSR Index 2018
Telekom and five other companies were the only ones out of several hundred analyzed in the CSR Index 2018 study to have a score over 90 points out of 98 in transparency and involvement in the sustainability field. This positions the company in the Gold category.

BRONZE LION at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
For the first time in the history of our company, Telekom won a trophy at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in the form of the Bronze Lion in the "Social Community Building & Management" category for the VLOGGERS 'SWAP campaign.

Five Effie Awards for Telekom Romania
The company gained its first award as "Brand of the Year". Our well-known #NetLiberare and #BusinessLiber won two Gold awards within the Telecommunications category in recognition of their highly efficient campaigns. Another Gold trophy came for the #VloggersSwap campaign in the Engaged Communities category, plus one Bronze for the Media Idea category, while #BusinessLiber won the only award conferred within B2B category, the Silver Effie. This was the first time we won the "Client of the Year" title, while Leo Burnett, our creative and strategy partner agency, obtained the highest score in the competition and was declared the "Agency of the Year" and gained eight trophies for the most important categories in the competition.

Telekom received accolades within the Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity
Our projects gained a total of four Golden Drum trophies and were entered in nine shortlists, once again Telekom was on the list of top awarded brands in Romania for effectiveness and creativity in communication.

Telekom Romania in Top 10 Social Brands Romania 2018
The tenth edition of the event dedicated to the most active brands in social media in Romania foregrounded 75 companies achieving top performance in digital branding. Our company ranks eighth in this unique elite echelon of the social media landscape from Romania.

The Biggest Sports Hour in the Top National Sports Events
In the third edition of the Sports Marketing Conference in Romania, we were happy to find that Telekom’s "The Biggest Sports Hour" event was placed in the top sports events nationwide. This places Telekom Romania in the top echelon of the Corporate Good Practice Manual.

Our Colleague, Oana Turturica, received an Award in the Public Participation Awards Gala
Good things have not remained unrewarded. Our colleague is an active and involved volunteer in the HaicuBicla Association and she won the “Parallel Pontoon Prize” for the campaign “The Herastrau Park safety scheme for pedestrians, people with disabilities and bicyclists” in the ninth edition of the Public Participation Awards Gala.

Telekom – Today's Leader who inspires Tomorrow's Generation
Our team won the trophy for Leadership in Parent-School Communication 2017 for the "Electronic Catalog" project, at Itsy Bitsy Gala.

Ruxandra Vodă awarded for Excellence in the Public Relations Field
Award for excellence in PR conferred by BIZ magazine at the BIZ PR Awards Gala 2018 on 19 October 2018.

Our Engagement for Digital Inclusion

Learning how to program – 450 children are preparing for the jobs of the future by participating in CoderDojo programming and robotics workshops
During the 2018-2019 school year, 450 children aged 6-17 will learn how to code in the CoderDojo North Bucharest workshops free of charge, supported by the Telekom Romania Foundation and the Coder Dojo Association.

At this year's edition, participants were able to choose between different subjects, depending on their interests, age, and level of knowledge: Arduino, Algorithm, Java, Khan for beginners, Minecraft Education Edition, Scratch for advanced, Scratch for beginners. 22 volunteer mentors, will prepare the young students for the jobs of the future and coordinate activities in order to prepare for an increasingly digitalized world.

Khan and Scratch workshops allow children to develop soft skills like teamwork and communication skills, and they learn about the different stages of a project. They design games, learn how to program them, how to test them, and how to pitch them in front of an audience.

Arduino is another workshop where children learn about computer-assisted electronics. Mentors at this workshop are preparing the children for a future career in the technologies associated with the Internet of Things.

At the Java Minecraft workshop, the young people will be guided in understanding the programming mechanisms involved in the very popular game “Minecraft”. Children will make changes to the game using the Java programming language.

The Algorithmic Workshop will enable the young people to explore the fields of algorithms in math and computer science. The students will go through basic notions, learn about specific algorithms, and programming in C language.

Additional information can be found at

Digital Education for Romania
Telekom offers modern learning technologies in over 50% of Romanian counties in urban and rural areas. Telekom is developing the Smart Education project to support the digitalization of schools in Romania. This provides Romanian schools with the Adservio educational management platform, which contains an online schoolbook, Internet and electronic equipment that is useful for the teaching and learning process, such as laptops, tablets, projectors, smartboards, etc. The Smart Education Package contributes to the effective organization of the educational process in Romania, improving the quality of the teaching process, diminishing bureaucratic red tape, and increasing the interaction between teachers, pupils, and parents. Schools where the platform was introduced have recorded up to 63% fewer absences and an improvement in test results. Other research shows that children prefer to use technology in the learning process (by comparison with the traditional pen-and-paper approach). This suggests that the technological transition in schools will yield even greater benefits in future.

For example, in 2018 Telekom Romania signed a protocol for implementing the Smart Education component with the City Hall of the Alba Iulia Municipality, as part of the “Alba Iulia Smart City 2018” pilot project. The company is joining forces with its partner Adservio, to implement an integrated educational bundle. This includes the license for the Adservio educational management platform “Electronic Catalogue” and the delivery of 690 tablets for teachers fitted with SIMs for mobile net traffic and with traffic included.

Fighting Cyberbullying
Telekom Romania and Asociaţia Telefonul Copilului launched the campaign "How do you feel today?". This allows cases of child abuse to be reported including online grooming and physical abuse. The Campaign Platform is an educational platform that brings together useful information on how child abuse cases can be reported, as well as ways to request specialist counseling for such cases. 

The HappyGraff mobile application was also launched through this campaign. It was developed by Asociaţia Telefonul Copilului with financial support from Telekom Romania. HappyGraff works as a diary where teenagers can record their emotions whenever they feel the need, and they have access to helpful tips on how to manage different situations with challenging emotional situations. The mobile app can be accessed on handsets equipped with an Android operating system and it is available for download in GooglePlay for free. The application can also be downloaded from the campaign website.

Sport Is Good campaign

In 2018, Telekom Romania continued to support the Romanian National Football Team as its main sponsor. This initiative is in line with Telekom’s strategic commercial direction of offering customers top sports content and experiences, and it reflects the Deutsche Telekom International sponsorship strategy.

Another project exerting a major impact on the community is the Telekom Skating Arena operated by the Ion Tiriac Foundation. The company supported the establishment of the only existing rink in the Bucharest Ilfov district at the current time with the aim of encouraging sport among children, young people, and support for sports teams.

In January, the company supported the 8th edition of the Gerar Half Marathon organized at the campus of The Polytechnic University. The project is intended to promote outdoor running in any weather. Approximately 700 runners took part in the two categories of cross-country (10 km) and the half marathon (21 km). Telekom Romania’s employees had an opportunity to participate as runners, or as volunteers in the organizing team for the event.

The “Biggest Sports Hour” 2018
During June and August 2018, Telekom Romania in partnership with SmartAtletic organized the eighth edition of the sports event “The Biggest Sports Hour” in Ploiesti, Brasov and Iasi.

Telekom Romania launched a national survey on “Romanians’ Attitudes and Behaviors related to Sport”, in order to find out about the preferences of Romanian citizens in relation to sports, developments since the “Sport is Good” campaign was started, and identify the number of people choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  • The study entitled “Romanians’ Attitudes and Behaviors relating to Sport”, was conducted by Quantix Marketing Consulting for Telekom Romania. According to the study, 83% of Romanians would like to do more sport than is currently the case. The main barriers to this aspiration are pressures on time and work commitments;
  • Telekom Romania is the telecommunications company perceived as the most involved in supporting sports in Romania in elite and amateur competitions;
  • “Sport is Good” is a campaign promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle powered by Telekom Sport. It attracts the highest number of participants in amateur sports events.

The event was attended by more than 56,000 outdoor sports and health enthusiasts and their supporters. It was coordinated by 134 national and international instructors.

In addition to the new locations of Ploiesti and Iasi, this year's edition brought new classes and sports, including Les Mills Body Pump, Functional Training, Les Mills Grit, Fight Klub Khai Bo, Kangoo Jumps marathon, Basketball, and Capoeira.

BTL Medical Equipment Romania provided medical tests, recovery and esthetics sessions at the event for more than 1,500 people and Red Cross Romania provided 146 first aid courses.

RON 12,590 were collected in aid of the social cause being supported by this year's edition of the festival. The amount represents the donations made through the Galantom platform, the donations made at the three events and the participation fees from the UpDown Run Cross organized within the program of activities in Brașov. More than 250 people including 30 Telekom employees ran to support the cause of Elena Bunea, the only Romanian patient alive with Berdon Syndrome. The Telekom Romania Foundation is topping up this sum by donating an amount up to RON 25,000 for the intestinal transplant operation that can be carried out at a specialized medical center in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Telekom Romania supported the Fourth Edition of the Brasov International Marathon
In May 2018, Telekom Romania organized the Brasov International Marathon as part of the “Sport is Good” campaign. More than 3,700 national and international runners of all ages competed in the marathon (+26% more than in 2017).

  • 160 runners from 32 countries participated (11 more than in 2017): USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Turkey, France, Poland, Ireland, Russia, Chile, and Republic of Moldova. Approx. 400 volunteers formed the organizing team;
  • International accreditation from AIMS (Association of International Marathons) in advance for two years;
  • 130 runners from Telekom participated as “The biggest running team”

The company was also involved in supporting four junior hockey teams and facilitating access to the Telekom Arena skating rink for selected junior teams.

Telekom Romania Foundation

The Telekom Romania Foundation is the link between Telekom Romania and the communities where the company operates. The aim is to support people in special situations, social causes, children and adults diagnosed with serious illnesses, talented young students, and campaigns requesting humanitarian aid when natural disasters occur. People from vulnerable categories are the most affected by heavy snowfalls during the cold winter months. At the beginning of the year, the Telekom Romania Foundation therefore joined forces with Red Cross Romania to help vulnerable people from Olt County. 2.4 tons of non-perishable food and 100 containers with hot meals were delivered to 50 families with a large number of children, single elderly people, or disabled people in the villages of Corbu, Burduleşti, Ciureşti, Buzeşti, and Milcoveni in Corbu. Beneficiaries were selected on the basis of social need identified by the local town hall. Each beneficiary received 24 kg of non-perishable food and two hot meal packages delivered to their homes. The aid was delivered by volunteers from the Telekom Romania Foundation with the help of the Red Cross.

In 2018, the Telekom Foundation made 15 donations for children and adults suffering from severe illnesses. At the “Brasov International Marathon”, the Telekom Romania Foundation chose to support one social cause by donating the registration fees collected at the events and an online fundraising platform. EUR 9,200 were donated to a blogger and famous runner in Brasov diagnosed with severe cancer so that urgent surgery could be performed. The foundation opted to help a girl aged three years who needed an intestinal transplant at Birmingham in the United Kingdom at “The biggest sports hour” events organized by Telekom Romania. The cost for the surgery amounted to GBP 400,000 and the foundation donated EUR 5,200 for the girl with the help of the donations made at the events, direct donations, and the Galantom donation page.

MediWeb - the first Patient Information Management System in Romania
In June, the “Grigore Alexandrescu” Emergency Hospital for Children in Bucharest launched the MediWeb patient information management system implemented with the support of the Telekom Romania Foundation. "Grigore Alexandrescu" is the first public hospital to implement a patient management system and this reduces patient waiting times by integrating technology in the hospital-patient relationship.

The Telekom Romania Foundation provided the necessary equipment for the development of the information management system. The system includes equipment such as TV monitors, tablets, routers, and the latest generation of printers. In addition, the Telekom Foundation modernized the hospital waiting area with special furniture for children, and containers for selective waste collection.

The record number of patients who have accessed medical services at the hospital’s Orthopedic and Pediatric Out-patient Surgery Department over recent years amounts to more than 200 patients every day. This made the patient experience unpleasant with long waiting times of more than 2-3 hours and this impaired the quality of medical services on offer. MediWeb delivers better internal organization and integrated management of patient information in the medical unit. Every patient presenting in the out-patient clinic is given an order number assigned by the system. Patients keep this number as they progress through the system and it allows them to maintain their place while accessing medical services.

Supporting Education and Counseling
The Telekom Romania Foundation organized an entrepreneurial skills course for approximately 12 people in line with its accreditation as a provider of entrepreneurial training sessions.

The Foundation also developed a professional counseling program for over 100 pupils from disadvantaged families with outstanding school results. The initiative was part of the program “I want to attend 9th grade”. This is an initiative to prevent high-school students from dropping out in Dolj, Valcea, Iasi, and Ialomita. It has been developed by World Vision Romania since 2007. The program consists of monthly scholarships, educational and networking activities, and summer camps, in order to encourage, motivate and create opportunities for children from low-income families who have the results to attend high school.

In May 2018, Telekom Romania organized the "Haijobliberare" Career Fair where the company presented its offer of vacant positions. During the event, the participants had an opportunity to find out details about the company’s activity, products, and services, the career opportunities within Telekom Romania, the professional development programs they can have access to as future employees, and the benefits package offered by the company. In addition, they benefited from free professional counseling given by specialists at the Telekom Romania Foundation.

Corporate Citizenship

As part of our corporate responsibility, we aim to act as a good corporate citizen. We have therefore been rolling out a number of different activities ranging from support for NGOs in relevant sustainability areas, through funding NGOs and students, making donations to vulnerable individuals, to corporate volunteering. In 2018, 1,309 volunteers engaged in 16 corporate citizenship projects and we provided EUR 538,674 for communities with 138,019 beneficiaries through partnerships with NGOs, educational and health institutions. was launched in 2014 and now focusses on identifying needs in communities where new information technologies bring benefits in the fields of education, health, environment, innovation, development, and social protection. The aim is to identify partners that are promoting beneficial applications of IT&C technologies in Romanian communities.

In 2018, Telekom Romania announced a new edition of the project contest, which aims to identify and fund initiatives by non-governmental organizations aimed at reducing school drop-out in urban areas. Under the umbrella of "Education for a new generation", edition 2018 aims to provide funding up to EUR 30,000 for each selected project. The total amount of funding is EUR 60,000 in the 2018 edition of the project. Unfortunately, the drop-out rate in Romania remains high and this phenomenon is one of the greatest challenges besetting our educational system. Together with selected NGOs, we are helping teenagers aged 12 to 20 continue their studies. We are initially focusing our endeavors on reducing drop-out rates in urban areas. We want the Teimplici project to build on this platform in the future, attract more and more organizations carrying out this type of educational project, and extend the scope to rural areas where the phenomenon of school drop-out is even greater.

Support for Medical Institutions and Initiatives assisting Children
Telekom Romania has been cooperating with the Telekom Romania Foundation and the P.A.V.E.L. Association accompanied by Santa Claus with the aim of spreading joy among children with cancer for the ninth consecutive year at Christmas. The volunteers from the two organizations shared fruit, sweets, and gifts with a total of 220 patients at the pediatric oncology and hematology departments of the Oncological Institute Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu, Fundeni Clinical Institute, M. Curie Children Emergency Hospital and Prof. Dr. Grigore Alexandrescu Emergency Hospital for Children.

Telekom Romania continued the partnership with the Regina Maria CMU Foundation in order to support social medicine at the foundation’s two polyclinics offering free medical services or services at very low cost to patients who have no money coming in or are on a low income. As part of this partnership, the Telekom Romania Foundation will offer vulnerable people free medical services at one of the policlinics. After the first year of partnership, 5,300 socially disadvantaged patients benefited from free medical services.

The company also supported the “Oncological Patients’ Navigator” program developed by the Association for the Prevention of and Fight against Cancer – Amazonia within Bucharest Oncological Institute and St. Mary’s Clinical Hospital. The program accepts patients and supports them throughout the treatment, surgical intervention, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The association offers psychological counseling sessions for patients and their relatives. Moreover, Telekom Romania supported the Program of Prevention and Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer Disease in partnership with the Renasterea Foundation for the 17th year in succession. This partnership also enables women working in Telekom Romania to benefit from free consultations, ultrasound scans, and mammography.

Telekom Scholarships for STEM
In 2018, Telekom Romania again granted five scholarships each worth almost € 4,000 a year to young people with outstanding academic results. The 2018-2019 edition of the Telekom Scholarships program was directed toward students in the first grade who were interested in the field of science, and specifically the areas of information and communication technology, automation and computers, informatics, cybernetics, math, electrical engineering, electronics, and telecommunications. The ninth edition of the program is consistent with Telekom Romania’s mission to support the development of information technology and the Internet of Things.

Since 2002, Telekom Romania has developed several initiatives to support talented and ambitious young students in laying the foundations for a successful career in the future. So far, more than a 110 young people studying at leading Universities in Romania have received support.

Stop Wasting – Start Caring!

Telekom Romania has developed numerous initiatives in order to digitalize its activities and reduce its environmental footprint:

  • Online payslip for employees.
  • Water dispensers at all locations.
  • Digitalized travel expense reports.
  • Printers set to automatic printing on both sides of the paper.
  • Rental models (routers, modems and other equipment are leased on rental agreements). At the end of the contract, they are recovered for re-use or recycled as appropriate.
  • “Push Online Customer Bills”: At the end of 2017, 420,000 customers had been migrated to an online invoice. In 2018, awareness campaigns were carried out to migrate customers to electronic invoicing by alerting them to this option in the MyAccount application and charging an additional fee for paper invoices.
  • SIM card reduction (50% plastic savings by reducing the size of SIM cards).
  • Take Back phones and other small equipment sold in shops (at every location we have recipients for WEEE and WB&A, and periodic collections are carried out by our recycling partners); flyers with information on management of these types of waste are available to customers at the point of sale.
  • Regular training of employees on the e-learning platform for selective waste collection; selective collection receptacles are available at each location in order to increase the recycling rate for the generated waste.
  • Responsibilities for electronic equipment, batteries, and packaging are transferred to authorized commercial operators in order to achieve recycling targets.
  • Hazardous wooden poles collected as waste are handed over for incineration with energy recovery.
  • Replacement of energy-intensive thermal power plants with more efficient facilities.

Smart Cities: Our Sustainable Projects in 2018

Making Transport as Smart as possible
The cities of the future will be friendlier to the people living there. And a friendlier city is typified by an urban environment where public transport compensates for the comfort and convenience provided by private cars.

Nowadays, it is better to leave your car at home in most major European cities and use public transport to travel around. These transport systems operate smoothly and their services have been designed to meet people’s needs. Sometimes the small details create big differences on this journey toward optimization.

A change like this occurred in Sibiu where we teamed up with Banca Comercială and Global Payments to roll out a system on Tursib's local transport system that encourages their use. This is a payment solution based on contactless Mastercard and Visa cards. Any holder of a contactless bank card can use this system regardless of whether the issuing bank is in Romania or abroad, and this enables them to travel around more easily than ever before. They can immediately pay for the trip in a fully secure environment by simply swiping their card over devices available in the Tursib transport system.

The infrastructure implemented by Telekom Romania consists of POS printers for issuing tickets and 3G img communications equipment. In short, it is precisely the type of facility that can be integrated in a Smart City concept and project.

Smart Parking and Waste Management Solutions implemented by Telekom in Cluj Napoca
Telekom Romania has implemented two smart solutions in Cluj Napoca: parking and waste management that contributes to the city’s cleaner air and improves the urban landscape. Statistically, up to 30% of traffic jams are caused by drivers seeking a parking lot. The solution can monitor the occupancy level of the public parking lots and display the availability on board or in the app.

Next in line is a smart traffic management solution based on sensors which will adjust green/red light frequency and duration in order to reduce traffic jams.

Another useful solution is the waste management system. This involved placing garbage bins in underground platforms with an external dispenser. The disposal trucks no longer need to come regularly, but only when the sensors give an alert that the bins are full. The driver then lifts the hydraulic platform using a remote-control device and unloads the bins in the truck.

Telekom Romania implemented a Smart City Solution in the Alba-Iulia: Smart Lighting System for a Secondary School
Telekom Romania implemented a Smart City solution in Alba-Iulia: a smart lighting system installed in secondary school 7 Mihai Eminescu. The old neon-based lighting system at the school was replaced with a smart lighting system implemented in all the 28 classrooms, corridors, bathrooms, and teachers’ meeting room. 

The smart lighting system implemented by Telekom Romania includes LED lighting units that allow light intensity and flow in the school to be controlled according to the time of the day and season. Energy consumption and related reductions in cost for the school are among the benefits of implementing the system. It allows the lighting to be adjusted to match natural light in every room and the lights switch off automatically during breaks. The corridors were equipped with dimming LEDs fitted with sensors that switch on and off in response to people walking along them and the restrooms have lights that switch on when they are used and switch off again when they are not being used.

The smart lighting solution also has benefits for the learning process. Creating a balance between the exterior and interior light through pre-set lighting scenarios stimulates pupils’ attention, concentration capacity, and motivation.

Accelerating Digitalization in Romanian Business
Telekom Romania is investing EUR 100,000 to accelerate ten Romanian start-ups within the WeAccelerate programme. This is a new project aimed at boosting Romanian entrepreneurship in digitalization. The project has been developed in partnership with the WeLoveDigital hub. Ten start-ups were selected after a thorough business analysis. Then they received finance and benefits comprising work space, free mentorship, and promotion over a six-month period. The competition targeted start-ups from all the business areas that have passed through the prototype stage and generated minimum revenues of RON 1,000.

The program has gone through three stages so far: registration of the projects in the competition, preselection stage to select 25 semi-finalists, and final selection. Between 1 and 14 November 2018, the 25 semi-finalists presented their projects in front of a jury composed of the six mentors for the program.

The winners will move to the incubation stage taking place between February and August 2019. During this stage, the winning start-ups will work at the WeLoveDigital hub and have strategic meetings when they will discuss their business objectives and challenges with the six mentors. The mentors will also use their experience gained as entrepreneurs in their own businesses and facilitate contacts between start-ups and potential suppliers and business partners.

The list of winners and more information about the evolution of the program are available on the website

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share  

OTE Group is the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market. Under the unified COSMOTE commercial brand, OTE Group offers the full range of telecommunications services: from fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, to pay television and integrated ICT img solutions. In addition to its core telecommunications activities, the Group in Greece is also involved in maritime communications, real-estate and professional training. Abroad, it operates in the telecommunications market of Romania, where it offers fixed-line and mobile communications, as well as television services.

Number of customers  
  • Fixed lines access*: 2,141,526

  • Broadband subscribers*: 1,143,303

  • TV subscribers: 1,443,032

  • Mobile subscribers 4,630,606

*Includes FMC

Number of employees  

Fixed-line operations: 4,457
Mobile operations: 1,754

Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2008

Telekom Romania: Within the framework of an ISO 9001-based Integrated Management System, the following certifications have been achieved at Telekom Romania.

Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications

  • ISO 9001 img: 2015 | Quality Management System – Requirements
  • ISO 14001: 2015 | Environmental Management System – Requirements with guidance for use
  • ISO 18001: 2007 | Health & Safety Management System – Requirements
  • ISO 27001: 2013 | Information Technology – Security Techniques – Information Security Management System – Requirements
  • ISO 22301: 2012 | Business Continuity Management System – Requirements
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2011 | Information Technology Service Management System
  • ISO 31000: 2009 | Risk Management System – Principles and Guidelines (attestation)
  • ISO 37001: 2016 | Anti-bribery Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use
  • ISO 19600: 2014 | Compliance Management Systems – Guidelines

Telekom Romania Communications

  • Anti-Corruption compliance according to IDW AssS 980
  • Anti-Trust Certification compliance according to IDW AssS 980
Please refer to the internet for further information 
Local CR reports  

Telekom Romania has released its Sustainability Report for 2017. This report includes detailed information about the company’s achievements and the key projects that support our sustainable development efforts. Every year, the report seeks to improve understanding for Telekom Romania’s commitment and the evolution of the group of companies focused on support given to the digitalization process, social causes, and environmental protection. We have undergone a verification process and successfully completed the GRI Material Service to ensure that our report is in accordance with the requirements of the international standard of sustainability reports GRI, and that all the aspects and material information have been correctly presented in the report.

Digitalization is at the core of our sustainable development efforts and business performance. It is reflected in the implementation of the Smart City projects, expansion of the FTTH img networks and 4G, and Smart Education projects. In 2017, Telekom Romania made donations in the amount of EUR 806,000 to social causes, helped 173,000 beneficiaries, and supported 5,500 people in developing their digital skills. We recycled 1,177 metric tons of waste generated by our activities, and we increased the efficiency of energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%.