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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Slovak Telekom

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Tatiana Švrčková, Corporate Responsibility Manager

The principles of corporate responsibility at Slovak Telekom are an integral part of our philosophy, strategy, and everyday market operations. Returning to the community what we have “borrowed” forms part of our corporate responsibility strategy. Our brand has now been associated with people suffering from impaired hearing for the past 15 years.

Over this period, we have developed a unique and comprehensive system of assistance. We help hearing-impaired people to start their own businesses. We assist families with hearing-impaired children of pre-school age. We organize sign-language courses free of charge for members of the general public, and we train our sales staff in sign language.

As far as we are concerned, doing good things is not enough, we also want to initiate change. This is why we help by providing funds and setting up our own projects. I am delighted to see an increasing number of our employees becoming interested and actively involved in lots of philanthropic activities.

Tatiana Švrčková, Corporate Responsibility Manager

Products for Hearing-impaired People

As a carrier, we provide significant support for the hearing impaired and offer them an advantageous plan and a mobile data package.

In 2018, Telekom updated its special mobile plan for hearing-impaired people that includes unlimited SMS and up to 8GB of mobile data at a price of € 12 per month. In addition, Telekom offers hearing-impaired people a preferential Mobile Internet L Plan with 15 GB of data for € 0.99 per month. This represents a discount of more than 95 percent.  

Social Initiatives

Helping the Community Program
Slovak Telekom aims to promote quality of life in the communities where employees live or where they come from. At the same time, the company encourages people to get involved and contribute to the common good. This is why the company launched its Helping the Community Program. Employees can submit an application for a project proposed by a non-profit organization (e.g. civic associations, clubs, societies, schools, hospitals, etc.) which they would like to support financially.

The grants are worth up to EUR 1,000 and the project has to focus on any of these sustainability issues:

  • Protection and promotion of health and education
  • Support for sporting activities involving children, youngsters, or people with disabilities
  • Social assistance
  • Operational improvements at the local library association or kids’ club
  • Support for organizations that help retirees, people with disabilities and people who are socially vulnerable
  • Protection of human rights
  • Environmental protection

Since the program was launched in 2004, Slovak Telekom has provided 834 projects with financial assistance totaling more than EUR 778,000

Helping Landmarks
45 projects were involved in the twelfth year of the Telekom Employee Grant Program entitled “Helping Landmarks”. The expert commission made a commitment of EUR 30 000. Out of this amount, 24 projects received financial support up to EUR 2500. In assessing applications, particular account was taken of the urgency of reconstruction work, the long-term impact of the project, and the involvement of other entities. The projects supported included Tematín Castle, Lietavský Castle, and Strečniansky Castle.

Sentient Company Project

A key project in the field of corporate social responsibility and inclusion over the past two years has been the launch of the Sentient Company project. Employees who come into direct contact with disadvantaged customer groups developed hard and soft skills. Training exerted an impact on 700 customer service representatives. 

The project focused on 3 areas:

  1. Training for colleagues from customer service leading staff toward perceiving the needs of customers from disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, and the barriers they face.
  2. Building an inclusive corporate culture – a campaign for all employees to combat prejudice, stereotypes, leading staff to perceive the needs and barriers faced by colleagues and people from disadvantaged groups.
  3. Partnership with the Eduma non-profit organization – institutional support and collaboration in the context of emotional awareness. The ambition of the project is to move forward with the continuous process of education and to integrate the system into the adaptive process of new employees, as well as in development training for senior staff and all front-line staff.

Stop Wasting – Start Caring!

Slovak Telekom offers take back of mobile devices and contributes to the  "Take Back Mobile Devices" ESG img KPI.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share   A market share of nearly 40 percent makes Slovak Telekom the leading telecommunications provider in Slovakia in both the business and consumer markets.
Number of customers   2,319,000 mobile customers
859,000 fixed-line accesses
Number of employees   2,977
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2000
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001)
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)
  • Cloud-based personal data protection management system (ISO 27018)
  • Continuity management system (ISO 22301)
  • Safety management system and health at work (OHSAS 18001 img) (implemented without certification)
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