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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report
2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

T-Systems Iberia

Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Osmar Polo, Managing Director T-Systems Iberia

T-Systems Iberia is a company committed to society. Since 2009, the year in which we implemented our Corporate Responsibility policy, we have made an effort to make CSR part of our business strategy. At T-Systems Iberia, we are also aware of the impact of information and communication technologies and their fundamental role in achieving the objectives of sustainable development (ODS).

We monitor our development while keeping both objectives in mind: the business objective, and the responsibility toward the society we live in. This is possible thanks to the set of measures that we implement in our daily activity and in the relationship with our stakeholders. A good example is the philosophy underpinning our solutions and services. We believe that a joined-up society is much more dynamic and flexible, efficient, and responsible with its use of energy. As a consequence, our activity exerts a direct positive impact on the environment.

Some of our products, services, and activities contribute to achieving these objectives. They provide society with solutions that improve quality of life, minimize environmental impact, and increase productivity and efficiency. This policy will help us consolidate our benchmark within the sector and place our services permanently at the forefront of the IT market.

Osmar Polo, Managing Director T-Systems Iberia

Gijón-In: a new integrated concept of smart cities

In the city of Gijón (Spain), T-Systems is developing "GIJÓN-IN”, an innovative, intelligent and integrated city management project. The project aims to achieve more efficient administration and provision of municipal services based on Big Data techniques, IoT technology, and ICT img solutions. Gijón IN is a project co-funded by, an entity belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Business through the Secretariat of State for Digital Advancement. The project has been sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and it is responsible for implementing up to 22 different schemes in the Spanish city over a period of 36 months. The 16 initiatives to make Gijón a truly 'smart city' cover various topics, such as complete digitalization of municipal services, promotion of citizen and business participation, and activities for sensing and handling information generated in the city.

In addition, this project is unusual because the data generated in this wide Big Data network is owned and managed by the City Council. By cross-evaluating the data with different variables, such as city traffic or air quality, the City Council can draw its own conclusions and manage its services in a much more efficient way. Citizens can use an application to view the status of street furniture, and they are also able to access an open data portal where they can consult the management of their city.

In June 2018, the city council of Gijón, in collaboration with the Gijón Smart Cities Chair and the CTIC Foundation, created Proyecto Gijón City Lab, a project aimed at the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship to develop services and products. Using technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and big data (data intelligence), this urban laboratory allows the development of intelligent and sustainable infrastructures, products and services through integration with the city platform, within the framework of the Gijón Inteligente Plan.

As GIJÓN-IN helps to make the city more sustainable and inclusive, T-Systems is consolidating its leadership in the design and implementation of Smart City programs to place all the benefits and possibilities of digital transformation at the service of the town’s citizens.

Employee Review 2018

In 2018, company culture was a major strategic target for T-Systems Iberia with the aim of improving alignment between our strategy and values. A robust effort to improve communication across the company has been implemented through new ways of communication such as videoblogs, sports meetings, or meetings between our Board Members and groups of employees. This new way of communication is bearing fruit. A comparable approach was adopted when similar efforts revitalized attitudes toward Social Responsibility. Some of the highlights of this topic were as follows:

  • Support for Fundación Aura which promotes social inclusion and integration in the labor market of people with Down Syndrome.
  • Collection of toys for children in need during the 2018 holiday season in cooperation with the Red Cross.
  • Certification as a Socially Responsible Company awarded to T-Systems Iberia until 2018 by the Fundación Alares and Fundación para la Diversidad.
  • During April 2018, we collected food for vulnerable people.
  • Collaboration with Junior Achievement in a program called “Improve Society: Digitalize It”. Around 20 T-Systems volunteers went into 8 schools. This educational program involved two sessions aimed at making students (14 or 15 years old) aware of the digital transformation and the importance of digital skills for careers. The objectives of the program are a professional approach, discovering technical careers, understanding the concept of Digital Transformation, learning about specific consulting methodologies, generating solutions to current challenges in their environment, and applying digital transformation using the SWOT matrix.
  • Collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Several volunteers participated in the “Mulla’t” event and helped the foundation with the organization. The aim of Mulla’t is to collect money for research into Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Magenta Fit is a huge program that helps employees to improve their security, health, and wellness. This program enabled us to:
    • Give advice about food, sports, and mindfulness.
    • Participate in “Intercompany games”, we took part in fitness, football, and paddle competitions.
    • Talks about the prevention of different types of cancer.
    • Every Wednesday, three physiotherapists come to our sites in Madrid and Barcelona in order to provide massage for employees. The cost of the massage sessions is split between the company and the employee.
    • Promotion of using stairs.

Environmental Management Program

We carry out various activities to improve our environmental performance through our Environmental Management Program 2018:

Environmental Awareness:

  • Paper reduction: two projects are related to the following:
    • Implementation of new printing services with environmental criteria: at the end of Q3 2018 we achieved a 31% reduction in printing
    • Implementation of a new tool to digitize travel tickets (Tickelia): the percentage of printed paper has been reduced by 49%

Reduction of emissions:

  • Energy consumption: three projects are related to decreased energy consumption as follows:
    • Replacement with LED lighting in parking areas will enable us to reduce annual consumption by 55,000 kWh at the Barcelona Headquarters.
    • Implementation of more energy monitoring stations for consumption analysis. This facilitates introduction of preventive measures to reduce energy consumption in facilities.
    • Replacement with LED technology in different areas of the Madrid building will enable us to reduce annual consumption by 110,060 kW/year.

Stop Wasting – Start Caring!

T-Systems Iberia has been contributing to the idea behind the Stop Wasting – Start Caring! initiative since 2012.

Since 2012, we have been handing over redundant electrical and electronic equipment to Kapema. This company is committed to refurbishing and reselling this type of equipment. Employees at T-Systems are given top priority for the resale of any equipment. This scheme has greatly reduced the amount of electrical and electronic waste generated. During 2018, 359 laptops and 45 desktops were sold. This has exerted a significant impact through reducing emissions from devices by 2,110 kg.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share   T-Systems Iberia has been operating throughout the Peninsula for 15 years. It has a profile as a trusted ICT img partner for carrying out essential digital transformation of companies owing to the company’s position as the leading cloud provider in Spain. T-Systems delivers end-to-end solutions and has the largest modular CPD in Europe located at Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona), with maximum security standards.
Number of customers   756
Number of employees   2,800
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001
Certifications   ISO 14001
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