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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

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Why does corporate responsibility matter to our company?

Davor Tomašković, CEO, Hrvatski Telekom

At Hrvatski Telekom, we regard sustainability and corporate responsibility as an integral and crucial element of our business. We are key players in an evolving industry and we invest substantial efforts in maximizing our contribution to the wellbeing of society. The company therefore directs its efforts toward enriching daily life in the communities where it is operating. This communicates our corporate values to all our stakeholders.

We want to empower people to use all the advantages associated with today's technology. Our job is also to invest so that our children’s generation will be ready to take advantage of all the opportunities that the future brings.

The communication infrastructure and new products and services are already being developed to prepare Croatia for a new technological wave. This includes investment in the development of smart cities in Croatia, an approach that has gained Europe-wide recognition.

Of course, Croatia does not simply need smart technology. It also has a requirement for smart people. Our world is increasingly driven by technology and it is crucial to have people who know how to make the best use of all the features provided by technology. That is why we are investing in a new generation of young people and experts with an emphasis on the STEM img area. We want to provide young people with opportunities to gain experience that will help them in their future careers. As well as granting scholarships, we open up jobs and provide opportunities for working in an international environment.

We are enhancing the quality of human capital by facilitating communication and making information and new learning methods increasingly accessible. Investment in STEM education for young experts is part of our long-term development strategy, since well-founded and meaningful education for current and future generations is a touchstone for development of the entire society and the economy as a whole.

Davor Tomašković, CEO, Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom as an Attractive Employer

Think Bigger Campaign for Better Positioning of HT as an Employer
As a leader for digitalization in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom wants to attract the best employees and talents. An important part of attracting employees with the greatest potential is the positioning of HT as an open and modern company with a strong corporate culture and a shift away from the perception of the company as a rigid corporation. This aim has encouraged us to introduce a new way of advertising vacant positions as part of Deutsche Telekom's “Think Bigger!” employer branding campaign. We want to provide potential new employees with first-hand work experience in HT through the inspirational stories of existing employees. Such a method of advertising is innovative on the Croatian market. It is attractive for young employees and has gained an excellent reputation in the marketplace.

HT Academy expanded with Online Courses
Along with finding new talents, we are continually raising the level of knowledge in the organization. Employee improvement is our priority, and apart from classical training sessions, we have introduced digital learning through a platform offering more than 7,000 online courses. Participants at our HT Academy receive targeted, relevant knowledge that they need in order to develop competencies. They also find out about the latest trends in industry development necessary for HT's business today and in the near future.

Global Online Challenge Platform as a Channel for attracting Creative Staff
In 2018, Hrvatski Telekom launched its first international online innovation challenge on a digital platform ( This serves to connect businesses with a community of five million innovators, including students, various developer teams, and startup communities. HT is the first company in Croatia to use this global platform.

The theme of the challenge is “Let's Challenge – NB-IoT Saves Croatian Trees”. We asked for a concept based on the IoT system of sensors that could measure temperature, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels in the air so as to detect possible fires.

Using an innovative online challenge platform is part of the Employer Branding Strategy of Hrvatski Telekom. It is also an excellent channel for finding potential new employees.

HT Summer Practice for Students
Hrvatski Telekom recognized through its work with the student community that students often lack the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at university in practical situations. That's why the “HT Summer Practice” project was designed and launched. Practice sessions are intended for students from different universities throughout the country in Zagreb, Vinkovci, Split and Rijeka, mostly majoring in STEM img subjects and the humanities. Students were guided by mentors and included in teams. One of the events they attended was the Design Thinking workshop on improving the customer experience. As a joint team task, they made a promotional video about work at Hrvatski Telekom. After the practice program had finished, HT employed five students.

“HT Summer Practice” is an integral part of Employer Branding and HR Marketing Activities. As a result of participating in the project, students become company ambassadors and the company gets a new database of talented students and potential employees.

Popularization of STEM

Support for Pupils and Students through Scholarships and Donations
By helping to prepare Croatia for a new wave of technological change, Hrvatski Telekom is making a significant contribution to the popularization of STEM knowledge and skills, and the application of modern technologies in all segments of life. One of the goals of HT's projects and cooperation with educational institutions is the exchange of STEM knowledge and practices. This means we are often able to facilitate participation by students in international projects during the initial years of their studies and we offer them scholarships or professional mentoring opportunities.

HT also supports students in various expert and sports competitions. We supported the team of the Croatian Robotics Society at the ROboCup international robotics competition in Canada, as well as MIOC students at the prestigious All-Star ACSL informatics competition in the United States. Students from Vinkovci High School were also supported at the WERcontest international competition for educational robotics in China, where they won the second place among 8,000 students in robot programming and testing. We supported FOI's students at the student STEM competition in knowledge and sports – STEM Games.

The most Renowned Robot in Croatia – Pepper
A special place in the promotion of STEM subjects is also held by our humanoid ambassador – robot Pepper – who plays a major part in HT's STEM program alongside her marketing role. Pepper promotes STEM subjects in elementary and high schools, and educates the young generation about the importance of digital skills of the future. Pepper was the first robot in Croatia to win the honorary title of robotics assistant in the class Robotics and the Future at Juraj Dobrila University in Pula. The robot gave her first interview on the opportunities offered by new technologies and supported the presentation of the Student Entrepreneur Incubator and the VISIO Science and Technology Institute.

She belongs to a more advanced generation of humanoid robots, speaks fluent Croatian, uses gestures, moves her hands and body, and likes to hug. She is 1.2m tall, weighs 30 kilos, and is equipped with 12 sensors, four microphones, two loudspeakers, and two cameras on her forehead and in her mouth.

Other Activities
In 2018, we organized robotics workshops with basic and advanced courses in cooperation with IRIM as a partner for more than 300 children of our employees from Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Osijek.

At the same time, the high school children of our staff had the opportunity to spend a week on programs run by the Innovation Academy – Future Skills Academy and Future Entrepreneurs Academy, in partnership with the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation.

We presented vacant junior positions and internships in the HT Group (joint appearance of HT, Iskon and Combis) at the job fair organized by STEM universities and we used this opportunity to promote HT culture. Our experts were present at events and specialist lectures where students were able to ask questions about the projects we are currently running in the company.

We organized numerous visits to Hrvatski Telekom for students enabling them to visit the Data Center and Business Showroom. The students had the opportunity to become familiar with ICT img collocation, the service that offers server hosting in the secure HT data center, and BSRoom, the first telecommunications multimedia center of its kind in Croatia. This is a unique sales and exhibition space with a combined offer of HT’s and the partner network’s ICT services (virtual reality corner, 3D printer, electric bikes, smart bench, smart city solutions, smart parking, waste management, etc.).

For the third consecutive year, we are proud holders of the Employer Partner Certificate. This has been conferred since 2005 on companies for excellence in human resource management. We are among the top 10 companies on the list of the most desirable employers in Croatia based on public opinion. We hold the label for Employer of First Choice, and in 2018 we moved three places up the rankings from ninth to sixth place.

Generation Next

Building a STEM img generation!
Hrvatski Telecom is striving to assist in preparing Croatia for a new wave of technological changes and the company makes a significant contribution to the popularization of STEM knowledge and skills, and the application of modern technologies in all walks of life.

HT has been continuously awarding and supporting innovative and creative projects in Croatia through its donation program since 2006. So far, Hrvatski Telekom has supported the implementation of more than 300 projects with more than HRK 10 million.

During the past two years, the Generation Next donation program has been focusing on STEM skills. More than 160 schools were equipped with advanced equipment for IoT based projects, and more than 2000 children participated in the projects with over 130 mentors trained there. A unique astrobiology lab was equipped in Višnjan. More than 700 children visit the lab every year and more than 300 mentors have been educated there.

One of the highlights from last year is that HT donated HRK 300,000 to the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation of Youth (IRIM) for the project entitled "Advanced Internet of Things Technologies (IoT) in Croatian Schools". Over 100 schools throughout Croatia are participating in the project. As a result of the financial assistance provided by HT, Internet of Things (IoT) equipment is available for use in these schools. The basic prerequisites for training and encouraging pupils’ creativity in identifying smart IoT solutions have been met through the equipment provided and appropriate teacher training.

The success achieved by the project "Advanced Internet of Things Technologies (IoT) in Croatian Schools" has been confirmed by excellent results achieved during the first competition held in January and February of 2018. This was centered on the topic of "Smart Lighting". 88 pupil teams from primary and secondary schools entered the competition and their works were extremely innovative – ranging from smart home and film lighting to energy efficient lighting systems intended for streets and car parks. Each project submitted also represents educational material, so all the schools provided with IoT equipment can replicate the success of other teams and intensify their knowledge of the Internet of Things.

The Jury for the selection of the best projects gathered prominent scientists and leading people from key institutions. Indeed, the Generation Next donation program has become a networking platform with leading stakeholders from the realms of academia, media, business and government institutions. They recognize the positive impact of the project and have been keen to participate in the Generation Next Jury. The program gathered three deans from the most respected STEM faculties in Croatia, 2 state secretaries, 2 directors of state institutes, 2 founders of successful local startups and one representative of media startup.

Hrvatski Telekom presented the best Generation Next projects that prepare young people for the jobs of the future
Two projects were selected as the best projects in the 2017/2018 Generation Next donation program. An automated chicken coop was managed by mobile phone, and a large collaborative project linking more than 100 schools and associations through an interactive map and featuring meteorological indicators across the country in real time. On the last day of the school year, project authors and mentors presented the best projects they had been developing all year round at Hrvatski Telekom. The automated chicken coop was created by students at Iver elementary school from Sesvete, guided by mentor Romano Rupčić, while the collaborative project was presented by Nenad Bakić, co-founder of the Institute for Development and Youth Innovation (IRIM), as a partner of this sponsorship contest.

As the leader of digitization in Croatia, HT is constantly investing in the development of digital infrastructure and technology. This will provide the environment for the young creators who will develop new solutions for the future as leaders of Generation Next. HT is continuously moving the boundaries that enable digital infrastructure in Croatia. It is among the first operators in Europe to introduce a 1Gbit/s symmetric Internet speed commercially, and in late April HT launched the first commercial NB-IoT network, i.e. a network specializing in the Internet of Things. The full potential of these investments will be realized by the arrival of 5G technology.

The Generation Next donation program kicked off with the education of more than 50 mentors for young STEM students throughout Croatia
The first in a series of mentor workshops called Start Smart with IoT launched the practical phase of this year's Generation Next donation program in Zagreb. Hrvatski Telekom uses this program to encourage young people and society to acquire new knowledge and carry out practical STEM projects.

The workshops are intended for more than 50 mentors of projects selected in July by the jury of the Generation Next program from the entries received from all over Croatia. Mentors gain a deeper insight into the use of Internet of Things technology (IoT) through the state-of-the-art Arduino educational platform. The platform will empower them to implement applied projects and provide structured education for young people who will be carrying out projects throughout this school year.
This year's Generation Next donation program looked for the best projects from two categories – Digital Innovation with IoT and Research Science Projects. In the Digital Innovation with IoT category, the jury selected 39 projects, which have a perspective of application in education, health, traffic, and the area of broader social responsibility. Five projects were selected in the Research Science category.

This year, Hrvatski Telekom donated HRK 900,000 within the Generation Next donation program to provide support for the development of projects based on the practical application of knowledge from the STEM area. Strengthening knowledge and skills from the STEM area is key to stimulating an innovative and smart society that can take full advantage of the existing technology.

International Safer Internet Day in Croatia

As the leader of digitalization and digital transformation in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom has the obligation to raise the level of security for using the Internet in Croatia, especially among children and teenagers. HT has therefore launched a special initiative – “Share the positive, block the negative” – aimed at raising awareness among young people about safe ways of digital media consumption. Part of this initiative in 2018 was generating the first comparative study of teenage habits on the Internet through the EU Kids Online project. The results accompanied by additional practical safety tips for kids and their parents were published in the brochure issued by the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM). The brochure was then distributed at Telekom Centers throughout Croatia.

The initiative successfully brought together academia, the NGO sector, and state institutions, while striving to provide a professional background for the inclusion and integration of Internet safety for children and young people in the educational curriculum.

As part of the initiative ”Share the positive, block the negative” at the end of this year, Hrvatski Telekom launched a “Let's play it safe” campaign aimed at raising the level of information available to young people and their parents about all the advantages and risks that are part of the world of video games. The campaign was created in collaboration with two NGOs and was aimed at creating better and safer environments for young people: the Association for Communication and Media Culture, and the Brave Phone.

The campaign included production of the first digital guide for secure video gaming, which provides a complete overview of the positive aspects, as well as the risks of playing video games. Concrete advice was given to young people and their parents on how to provide better protection from the dangers of the virtual world. The content of this guide is unique in Croatia.

Hrvatski Telekom continues to fight Alzheimer's Disease with the Help of Mobile Game Sea Hero Quest

World Alzheimer's Day is marked throughout the world on 21 September. Hrvatski Telekom is also part of this. For more than two years, HT has been participating in the worldwide initiative #gameforgood. This launched the mobile game Sea Hero Quest that has so far been downloaded by over four million people. Thanks to the popularity of the game, scientists who research dementia have a very large database that would normally take more than 12,000 years of lab research to collect.

According to data from the International Alzheimer's Association, almost 50 million people are suffering from this most common form of dementia worldwide. The assumption is that by 2050, the disease will affect more than 130 million people across the world. According to the latest data from 2015, more than 86,000 people live with dementia in Croatia, and this figure is steadily increasing.

In mid-August, the distinguished scientific journal Current Biology published the research conducted by the University of London and the University of Eastern England. The research was based on data from more than half a million people in 57 countries that played Sea Hero Quest. It showed, for example, that spatial navigation skills are strongly linked to GDP in individual countries. The best results were achieved by residents of the Nordic countries, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Thanks to Deutsche Telekom, scientists around the world will now be provided with the largest possible database through a secure web portal. The database will help them to find out more about dementia and it will also help in the wider area of neurological research.

The mobile game Sea Hero Quest is based on navigating islands and glacier labyrinths. Experts turn every second of information into scientific data. Last year, the VR version of the game was also presented in Berlin. It can also track eye movement responses and replicate laboratory experiments that could not be tracked using a mobile version. It is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded free of charge from the App img Store and Google Play.

Supporting Hackathons in Croatia

Third edition of the HACK IT DAYZ
Hrvatski Telekom in cooperation with other partners presented the third HACK IT DAYZ on 24 and 25 November at the ALGEBRA LAB in Zagreb. This is 24 hours of intensive work for developers, designers, and other motivated individuals or groups who want to create new creative solutions based on the topic of the Future of Video Communications.

The 24-hour challenge at the hackathon competition and the opportunity to win the main prize of HRK 30,000 was complemented by a two-day workshop held in the hub:raum start-up accelerator in Poland. Moreover, this year HT hosted a special conference program for the first time. The project was organized by the HT Core Communication Team, which is part of the EU Product Marketing Team and the even broader STEM img HUB project of Hrvatski Telekom.

Third Edition of try{code}catch Hackathon was launched at the Combis Conference
The third edition of the Combis try{code}catch hackathon was presented on 24 and 25 May. It is a 24-hour student competition in programming at which 15 teams competed. For the first time, the event was organized within the Combis Conference.

There are two types of award at the Combis hackathon event. The best team wins the main prize of HRK 5,000 for each team member. The second prize is HRK 3,000 for each member, and the third prize is HRK 2,000 for each member. The other type of award is the 'award on the long road' – Combis can choose a team that will engage within its NeoStartup program. The team will continue to develop its hackathon solution through to production.

The Combis NeoStartup program is a business model that offers freedom to develop new ideas, but with business security that gives the owners of selected design solutions an opportunity to develop projects based on the start-up principle.

Smart City Innovations in Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom first in Croatia to launch NB-IoT – The Network for the Internet of Things
Hrvatski Telekom has unveiled the new Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network technology. The technology is intended for devices that do not require a continuous network connection and that send extremely small amounts of data with no need for SMS, MMS, or voice communication.

This technology will shortly provide an extremely large number of connected IoT devices on the Croatian market and secure the prerequisites for Croatian IT companies to develop a large number of IoT solutions for the domestic and foreign market. After final testing of the NB-IoT network was successfully completed in the city of Koprivnica during 2017, the NB-IoT network was available on the commercial market from 2 May 2018.

HT's EV Charging Network with more than 120 EV Chargers
Hrvatski Telekom has proved to be the leader in the segment of e-mobility solutions within the Deutsche Telekom Group with a fully developed ecosystem of infrastructure, services, and electric vehicle EV charging.

Hrvatski Telekom has opened 11 networked EV chargers on the island of Krk, offering a range of functionalities, such as an option to book charging. It is a part of Krk’s long-term strategy to become the first “smart island” in Croatia. Hrvatski Telekom's e-mobility solution is the most advanced complete ecosystem of service infrastructure and “turnkey” charging. HT's EV charging network currently has 120 publicly accessible EV chargers equipped with 165 charge points in 75 cities throughout Croatia, and the network is expanding continuously. The use of HT's EV chargers more than doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year.

The air control system
The air control system continuously analyses air quality and this is another of HT’s solutions. It provides a deeper insight into the causes of air pollution and this information is crucial for the formation of urban policies to reduce pollution in the most exposed parts of a city.

Hrvatski Telekom and Go2Digital start Modernization of Public Payphones
Hrvatski Telekom and the Croatian agency for digital out-of-home advertising – Go2Digital – have signed an agreement to modernize payphones. Existing payphones only offer telephony and they will be replaced by digital payphones and a number of IoT-based smart solutions.

This will give the public access to many new features, ranging from wireless charging for mobile devices, to information about pollen levels in the air by means of special sensors inside the booths, to the SOS key that can be used to call for emergency help in the event of an accident. Each booth is also a WiFi img Hot Spot providing free, unlimited Internet that gives users and passers-by connectivity.

The digital display will feature an interactive map in six languages to provide easier navigation in cities and give users instructions on how to reach their desired location. There will also be a digital display (Citylight) for advertisers on the back of the payphone. Initially, there was one such payphone in Rovinj and one in Zagreb, and 20 further payphones were installed in Zagreb during July and August of 2018. At least 25 payphones throughout Croatia will be replaced annually in a rolling program.

Hrvatski Telekom is making significant investments in advanced infrastructure to accelerate the digitalization of society with projects such as modernization of payphones.

Smart Parking for Disabled Persons in Split will raise the Quality of Life and reduce Traffic in the City Center
Hrvatski Telekom and its partner Mobilisis rolled out a smart parking solution for people with disabilities in Split. This will contribute to increasing the quality of life for people with disabilities in Split and reduce city traffic in the center of Split.

A total of 12 sensors from Mobilisis were installed in parking spaces intended for people with disabilities at the junction of Antun Gustav Matoš Street and Zrinsko-frankopanska Street in Split (Stari plac). The sensors operate on the Narrowband IoT network of Hrvatski Telekom. They are connected to the Split parking app that allows users to see accessible parking spaces. All this contributes to better traffic quality in the city.

It is estimated that up to 30 percent of city traffic is caused by drivers looking for a parking space. IoT solutions collect occupancy data and sensor information to provide reliable forecasts for occupancy of parking places in the city. Drivers can gain access to this resource through the smartphone application. Smart parking solutions like this help cities to reduce congestion on roads and save time for drivers.

Smart parking in Split is the first IoT project implemented on the Narrowband IoT network of Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia. The network features excellent coverage, low cost, high signal quality, and a high level of security and reliability in line with global telecommunication standards in mobile networks.

The Smart parking project is being rolled out in other parts of Split for people with disabilities and the plan is to use new technology in standard commercial parking spaces.

Creating a Digital Future

Hrvatski Telekom is first to introduce 5G in Croatia
Hrvatski Telekom marked the end of the modernization of the radio access network on the Istrian peninsula and in the city of Zagreb to create the platform for implementation of the 5G network in these areas. This makes Istria the first region and Zagreb the first city in the country to have the most advanced equipment installed, including additional 4G network capacity and the latest functionalities (e.g. IoT). Hrvatski Telekom rolled out a special project to fully prepare Istria and Dalmatia for the tourist season. This makes it easy for users to use HT mobile services even during peak network traffic.

By the end of 2019, Hrvatski Telekom plans to modernize the radio access network in the whole of Croatia, and the first step has already been achieved. In the first half of the year, HT replaced all 137 base stations with the new 5G-compatible stations in Istria. By the end of the 2018, a total of 613 base stations were replaced.

Last year, Hrvatski Telekom invested HRK 1.745 billion in infrastructure, or 8.5 percent more than in 2016. Over the last four years, a total of more than HRK 6 billion have been invested.

5G is a brand-new network concept combining the benefits of fixed and mobile communications. Although it will be considerably faster than the networks currently available, 5G not only provides faster speed, but also built-in network intelligence and the capability for interoperability with other technologies.

5G will also bring about a revolution in sports. HT once again wanted to underline its major role in supporting Croatian football, just before the most important match of the Croatian national football team – the World Cup final. HT is also the biggest sponsor of film festivals in Croatia and this demonstration was held just before the opening of the 65th Pula Film Festival.

In 2019, Hrvatski Telekom will deliver Internet speeds of between 20Mbit/s and 1GBit/s.

HT’s new Mobile Network of the Future
At the press conference held in Split, Hrvatski Telekom’s Management Board presented plans for investments in network infrastructure and the development of new innovative telecommunication and ICT img services during the upcoming period. The study carried out by The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, on analytical guidelines for the right-of-way for electronic communication infrastructure was presented with concrete recommendations for regulatory alignment with the best European practices of EU countries according to the DESI index.

A large part of this investment is intended to improve network infrastructure. Part of this investment started in 2018 and it is the largest project for the new mobile network in the entire region. After two years, it will cover more than 2000 locations and the investment will exceed HRK 1 billion. A threefold increase in network capacity is planned along with the establishment of a platform for further deployment of 5G technology and new intelligent services such as the Internet of Things. This is accomplished by the most advanced technological concepts, an increasing number of locations, and an expanding spectrum. The latest technology concepts include smart antennas, aggregation of the available radiofrequency spectrum, and spectral-efficient modulation techniques, making the latest generation of smartphones the fastest and best performing on the HT network.

In Istria, the mobile network modernization was already completed before the beginning of the tourist season and there was a noticeable increase in mobile network performance. Users obtained an increased average access mobile Internet speed of up to 2.5 times, even though the network load increased threefold compared to the same period last year.

However, Croatia still has the most expensive RF spectrum in Europe and this significantly slows down further major investments.

Hrvatski Telekom is the First Company in Croatia to enable Calls using WiFi
Voice over WiFi img (VoWiFi) is the new service from Hrvatski Telekom. It is an upgrade of last year's VoLTE service. This technology allows users to have voice communication through any WiFi access point that the user is registered to without entering any additional username and password. Using the Voice over WiFi service at no extra charge does not involve additional installation of applications or registration. Users simply connect up with the available WiFi network, although they need to have an active VoLTE service.

Calls will now also be enabled through any available WiFi networks if there is no signal for the mobile network, e.g. in garages, cellars or shopping centers. In all these situations, the user will be able to talk using an accessible WiFi network. The device will switch the user if it is connected to an available WiFi network in situations where the mobile network is unavailable or congested. This concept applies for calls within Croatia and abroad during the promotional period until 16 July 2019.

Hrvatski Telekom won The Best in Test Certificate for 2018
Based on an industry-standard set of benchmark measurements performed by P3 Communications GmbH, combining extensive drive testing with crowd-sourced network performance data, HT won The Best in Test 2018 certificate with 948 out of 1000 points.

Despite intensive network modernization during 2018 following an increased number of base station outages and intensified optimization activities to integrate new and existing parts of the network, HT experts succeeded in sustaining the best quality mobile network in Croatia with a respectable overall score.

Next Generation Fixed Network Continues to Grow
In parallel with mobile network modernization, HT is investing in fixed-line next-generation networks to meet market demands.

HT installed additional fiber access for 16,500 households, extended Terastream gigabit service coverage, and migrated 45,000 customers to higher DSL img speeds. Vectorization of VDSL img has been tested and implemented in the appropriate areas providing an increase in speed of up to 30%. G.Fast technology has been tested and implementation started, increasing speeds on existing installations up to 300 Mbps.

HT also continued to deploy hybrid access solutions for 40,000 customers, providing accumulated speeds from fixed and mobile networks to achieve a minimum of 20 Mbps per customer.

Stop Wasting – Start Caring!

Hrvatski Telekom organized free transport for all employees in order to provide them with a faster and better connection between the company headquarters and Zagreb city center. The aim was also to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions. The service is provided twice in the morning for the commute to work and twice in the afternoon for the journey home.

We conducted monitoring of microclimate conditions (CO2 in the air) in classrooms at an elementary school in Dubrovnik. An indoor sensor system was positioned in each classroom to raise the awareness of teachers and pupils to the impact of unusual gas values (CO2, etc.) on concentration and productivity. This actively involved them in countermeasures.

During 2018, Hrvatski Telekom equipped several office buildings with plastic waste containers.

In addition, Hrvatski Telekom offers take-back of mobile devices and contributes to the  "Take Back Mobile Devices" ESG img KPI.

Key facts at a glance

Markets, business Areas and market share  

The T-HT Group is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia. It is the only company to offer the full range of these services, including fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, internet, and international communications.

The basic activities of Hrvatski Telekom and other subsidiary companies involve the provision of telecommunications services, and the design and construction of telecommunications networks in the Republic of Croatia.

Alongside the provision of fixed telephony services (fixed-line access and traffic, and a fixed network supplementary services), the Group also provides internet services, including IPTV, retail electricity services, data transmission services (lease of lines, Metro-Ethernet, IP/MPLS, ATM img), GSM img, UMTS img, and LTE mobile telephone networks.

Number of customers   938,000 fixed mainlines (retail + wholesale)
2,244,000 mobile subscribers
755,000 broadband access lines (retail + wholesale)
provision of TV services to 417,000 customers
Number of employees   FTE 4,588
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1999
Certifications   Certified to ISO 14001 since 2002 and to OHSAS 18001 img, Hrvatski Telekom established the Integrated Environmental, Health and Safety at Work Management System under the umbrella certificate of the Deutsche Telekom Group and adopted the Environmental, Health and Safety at Work Policy in May 2014. The central internal audit of HT’s Integrated System as part of the Integrated Management System of Deutsche Telekom AG was conducted by DT auditors on 14-15 November 2016 in compliance with the requirements of the specified standards. The positive audit findings again confirmed that environmental care has been integrated in all work processes and that employees are very aware of the importance of environmental protection.
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