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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Connectivity for Students in K-12 Schools

In June of 2017, T-Mobile launched a new program to provide students across the nation with equal access to learning for academic success and build the digital skill set that will help them compete in today’s digital economy. This program is called EmpowerED, and it’s a special education offering that provides wireless devices and service to schools in low-income communities. To date, 80,000 students have been participating in 26 US states. We added 64,000 new students in 2018 alone.

EmpowerED is a no-cost program for students and their families. All data plans include T-Mobile’s Web Guard CIPA compliant content filter that prevents access to adult content through three usage levels that include child, teen, and young adult. All school systems participating in EmpowerED receive planning, implementation and deployment support.