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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Internal & Corporate Volunteering Programs

OTE Group Employees in Marathons for Good Causes

  • 247 employees competed in the Thessaloniki Marathon 2018 in aid of a good cause. This resulted in a donation of € 2,000 being given to “Alma Zois”, a non-governmental organization for women with breast cancer.
  • 210 employees competed in the Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon 2018 in aid of a good cause. This resulted in a donation amounting to € 1,000 being given to “Syzoi”, a non-governmental association of parents of children with impaired vision and additional disabilities.
  • More than 800 employees competed in the Athens Authentic Marathon 2018 in aid of a good cause. This resulted in a donation amounting to € 15,000 being given to the NGO "Pediatric Trauma Care", a non-governmental organization for the equipment of a hospital's Trauma Center for children, located in Northern Greece. Moreover, a team of the company’s volunteer marathon runners ran with MDA Hellas marathon runners participating in wheelchairs.

Volunteering Work for NGOs
Once again in 2018, the OTE Group used the slogan “You can also become a volunteer”. The aim was to invite its employees to proactively contribute to the work of NGOs supporting children and the environment. In 2018, more than 120 employees volunteered to participate in two-day events such as bazaars organized by the NGOs.

Collecting Essentials for the Relief of the People affected by the Wildfires in Attica
The employees responded immediately to the call to collect essentials (food and medicines) for the fire victims and their families, as well as for stray animals. As a result, we donated 205 boxes of essentials to the towns of Rafina, Marathon, and Megara.

Internal Charity Bazaars for Christmas
This is the eighth consecutive year that the OTE Group has organized charity bazaars at its premises during vacation seasons. Employees had the opportunity to buy gifts for their families and at the same time support the NGO’s contribution to the community. A total of 13 NGOs supporting children in need and vulnerable social groups sold their products to more than 2,500 employees. The amount raised in 2018 exceeded € 23,000.

Educational Robotics Day for Employees and their Children
A special educational day was organized for employees and their children in collaboration with STEM img Education. The objective was to become more familiar with educational robotics and its benefits. More than 350 children participated in an hour-long educational robotics workshop. They and their parents took part in interactive high-tech activities, such as robots, virtual and augmented reality corners organized by the IT Digitalization and Innovation Unit.

The initiative’s goal is to infuse a startup mentality within the company, strengthen cross-company and cross-functional collaboration, and be a  mindset-changing experience for project teams and participants. The Hackathon pursues an inclusive "Everyone is an Expert" approach and adopts a format of open innovation. The competition also permitted participation without the need for coding and therefore allowed the creative process to overcome a common constraint for most of the teams as a consequence of the lack of IT experts. Collaboration was developed in-house across silos using a Digital Collaboration platform to facilitate an agile approach with the company’s own resources. The project participation was expanded to 12 companies in the OTE Group of Companies. More than 1,200 employees registered at the Hackathon minisite.