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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Culture Program

One of the key success factors for realizing our strategic ambitions will be our company culture.

Being proactive, cooperating with each other, stepping outside silos, and creating a learning culture are small examples of actions that will help develop the company culture we aspire to. Our clients are at the center of everything we do. Through our focus on customers and by continuously developing our expertise to add value, we will give our clients the best possible service. Our employees are our most valuable asset. They will help us to achieve our goals. Our employees therefore have the power and the opportunity to develop their careers and thrive in a learning environment.

T-Systems Netherlands will continue to grow into a high-performance organization, and this sets the standard for our way of working.  All of us need to be successful. We will create an environment in which feedback is a common good and where we celebrate our successes. As such, the culture and leadership pillar of our road to the 2020 Strategy aims to inspire our employees to adopt a bold approach and be innovative. That will help us all drive TS NL into a successful future. T-Systems is a great place to work. We want our employees to be proud colleagues and have fun when they walk through the door.

We have started a program in support of this journey. It is driven by self-confident cross-departmental ambassadors and a project team comprising HR and Communications. We measure our progress on a regular basis using Temperature Checks which are already showing a positive trend after just one year.