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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Stop Wasting – Start Caring!

The OTE Group is integrating the principles of a circular economy in its operations across the value chain. Waste management is a core element of this process and specific, diverse programs have been developed to enable effectiveness and to increase awareness.

The OTE Group has been implementing an internal recycling program for packaging materials and paper. The program is based on the principle of “sorting-at-source” with centralized waste collection and management. The adoption of the recycling program empowers us to contribute to achieving national recycling targets for packaging materials in a quantifiable and well-documented manner, as well as to enhance environmental awareness among our employees.

In 2018, 206 recycling stations and more than 3,100 paper recycling bins were deployed in 17 of our buildings nationwide, covering about 9000 employees.

The amounts recycled in 2018 were as follows:

  • Paper: 72.64 metric tons
  • Plastic: 5.6 metric tons
  • Aluminum 832 kg

An internal communication campaign was run during the summer with the message: “The planet can take no more”. The aim of this campaign was to improve employees’ awareness of the effect of plastic bottles and to inform them about the need to take immediate action by starting to recycle them.

The OTE Group was the first company in Greece to implement refurbishment processes for end devices (ADSL img, VDSL img, VoIP modems, and TV decoders), and so far it remains the only company there to adopt this approach. As a result, this is facilitating the expansion of lifetime and overall utilization of the equipment supplied to customers of COSMOTE and the GERMANOS retail network. Proper end-of-life management of end devices is also being implemented. In 2018, more than 190,000 end devices were collected, over 170,000 of which have already been refurbished. More than 9,500 items were forwarded for recycling.

Moreover, the COSMOTE & GERMANOS retail network has set up a take-back scheme for phones, accessories, tablets, home batteries, and ink cartridges in order to facilitate the recycling of products sold at the end of their useful lifetime. In 2018, more than 40 tons of batteries, ink cartridges, phone devices, and tablets were collected in the COSMOTE & GERMANOS retail network.