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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Carbon Intensity ESG KPI DT Group in Germany

The Carbon Intensity ESG KPI img was a new addition to the reporting this year. In contrast to the existing CO2 Emissions ESG KPI, the new ESG KPI shows the CO2 emissions in proportion to the transmitted data volumes. Using data volume as a reference parameter makes it possible to create a direct link to the performance of our networks.

Carbon Intensity ESG KPI DT Group in Germany

  Data assured by PwC. Data is partly based on estimates, assumptions and extrapolations. The calculation method was adjusted in 2017. Values cannot be directly compared to the previous year.

The ESG KPI figure also takes into account total CO2 emissions for all energy sources – fuel, gas, district heating and electricity, The data volume is composed of the transmitted IP img data volumes (including Voice over IP, Internet, IP-TV).


Reporting against standards

The Carbon Intensity ESG KPI img is relevant for the GRI indicator GRI 305-4 (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity). This information is relevant for EFFAS KPI E02-01 (Greenhouse gas emissions Scope 1-3). It is furthermore relevant for criterion 13 (Climate-relevant emissions and objectives) of the German Sustainability Codex. It is also used for reporting on the Global Compact principles 7 (Precautionary approach) and 8 (Promoting environmental responsibility).