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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Copper cable recovered since 2010

In 2018, deutsche Telekom removed around 3,000 metric tons of copper cable from duct systems in Germany alone. The cable is processed in accordance with environmental standards at certified waste disposal facilities and up to 90 percent of the material was recycled.

You can find further information on our waste management policies here.

Reporting against standards

By reporting the amount of waste we generate, we partially cover the GRI 306-2 (Waste by type and disposal method) GRI indicator and the E04-01 (Total waste in tonnes) EFFAS indicator. This data is also relevant for criterion 11 (Usage of natural resources) of the German Sustainability Code. It is also used for reporting on the Global Compact  principles 7 (Precautionary approach) and 8 (Promoting environmental responsibility).