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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

BE SMARTER! - Sustainability Strategy 2016 - 2020 at Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom aims to make sustainability an integral part of its business. The company therefore developed a sustainability strategy for the period from 2016 to 2020 that was influenced by the expectations of responsible investors, EU directives, industrial and corporate trends, local conditions, and consumption patterns. Climate protection, education, and digitally enabled sustainability will be the major focus of the strategy until 2020. This strategy continues to remain valid and Magyar Telekom just extended its goals.

Climate Protection – The company goal is to help its customers become more climate conscious. The ambitious objective is to generate revenue from the company's climate protection activities while at the same time reducing its actual CO2 emissions below 100,000 metric tons. This enables Magyar Telekom to enhance its activities directed toward decreasing emissions and specifically build on its “green” services.

Education – The company goal is to directly or indirectly reach 1,000,000 people in Hungary through a training program by 2020 with the objective of educating the public and the customers, and with edutainment/inspitainment nonspot contents. Magyar Telekom is focusing primarily on programs aimed at eliminating the digital gap, expanding the succession pool in industry and helping customers recognize the digital benefits of NOW. The campaign Generation NOW aims at connecting everyone into the digital present and enable people to experience the unlimited potential it represents.

Digitally enabled Sustainability – As a sustainable digital company, Magyar Telekom enables its customers to use sustainable digital services. The company strives to pursue responsible marketing and activities that enable and inspire others. Awareness in the public domain of Magyar Telekom as a sustainable company is projected to reach 50 percent.