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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

ESG key performance indicators

ESG img KPIs (key performance indicators) are used as management tools for our CR involvement. They enable us to improve our performance on an ongoing basis. As they are relevant to our supply chain, we also address them in our annual report in the “Non-financial statement”.

We use 13 KPIs that are valid Group-wide to manage our CR performance:

All of Deutsche Telekom’s national companies that participate in the CR data collection process are obligated to record our Group-wide ESG KPIs. These national companies represent 99 percent of the Group’s net revenue.

ESG KPIs cover types of capital
For the purpose of integrated financial and sustainability reporting, the KPIs map the six types of capital addressed in these reports and therefore also reflect the essential aspects of the sustainable value of our company (see diagram).

Types of capital

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