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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Impact measurement: Broadband expansion

In 2018, we once again took a close look at one of our core topics, broadband expansion. We were able to confirm our previous findings. In particular, we were able to more precisely define our impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

The broadband expansion is making a positive impact on many areas of society and is helping us achieve the SDGs: Improved network coverage (SDGs 9 and 17) can create new jobs, for instance, through increased company start-ups (SDG 8). This will also lead to higher income and gross domestic product. Network expansion also lays the foundation for many other positive effects, such as improved access to digital services in the educational and health care field (SDGs 3, 4 and 10).

The necessary underground work in connection with the infrastructure expansion phase will result in several temporary and one-time adverse environmental effects. Operating our network infrastructure can also lead to increased energy demand. In order to mitigate this effect, we are expanding the network in an energy-efficient manner and increasingly using renewable energies (SDG 7). As a result, the positive impact will significantly outweigh any disadvantages in the long term.