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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Five Principles – Our Attitude – our Guiding Principles Day

Our Guiding Principles were introduced in 2009 with the objective of defining a common system of values for all Deutsche Telekom employees worldwide. In September 2018, we held our ninth Group-wide Guiding Principles Day. Every employee worldwide was asked to think about and reflect on their own attitude. The motto of the day was “Five Principles – Our Attitude”. It once again underscored that our five principles form the basis for our attitude at the workplace.

To make this motto more tangible, we created a short comic that illustrates more negative attitudes of people in a meeting scenario. It motivated our employees to consider how the meeting could have turned out better through a positive attitude. The various ideas were discussed by the employees in YAM, our internal social network.

Managers and employees were asked about the topic of attitude in brief interviews, and these videos were posted on YAM on Guiding Principles Day. We also offered online team training sessions to address the topic in more detail. Overall, the internal website on our social network was viewed almost 18,000 times on Guiding Principles Day. The information posted on the internal portal of Human Resources was viewed more than 36,000 times. In addition, country-specific campaigns in connection with the motto of the day took place at our national companies.