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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

"Tell me!" portal: 137 reports received

In 2018, 137 compliance-related reports were made to Deutsche Telekom via the "Tell me!" portal (146 reports were made in the previous year). 29 of those are still being reviewed for plausibility and investigations are being made into 68 plausible reports (as of January 3, 2019). 46 of these were confirmed as actual misconduct and were punished accordingly. Nine cases are still in the investigation phase. In confirmed cases, we impose systematic sanctions that are proportionate to the act and the guilt of the perpetrator and are in line with applicable legal provisions. Most of the tip-offs received in 2018 focused on “financial interests” (possible cases of fraud, breach of trust, misappropriation, theft, manipulation of targets, and unfair sales methods).

In principle, we always follow up on all compliance-relevant tip-offs, even those that reach us through other channels.

Felix Sonnet

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