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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Consumer dialog

Deutsche Telekom aims to become the leading European telco. That is why we again gave high priority to consumer-related topics in 2018.

Main topics included the following:

  • Maintaining consumer data privacy, such as in the online advertising business,
  • Improving comprehensive, cross-technology protection of young people at national and EU levels (in particular by advancing a comprehensive, Group-wide minimum standard within the EU and ongoing dialog with organizations involved in the protection of minors both nationally and at EU level),
  • Improving customer service standards,
  • Improving consumer protection in telecommunications (e.g., during ongoing IP img migration and when switching providers for fixed-line and mobile connections), and
  • Our efforts to provide better transparency for our customers (e.g., the data protection one-pager and the product information sheet on the Transparency Ordinance).

Within the scope of ongoing IP migration in the fixed-line network, Deutsche Telekom has switched most of its customers to IP, especially in the last four years, and has undertaken numerous measures to make the migration as easy and seamless as possible for customers. Deutsche Telekom is also continuing its commitment in issues of provider switching, with the goal being to make it easier for both fixed-network and mobile consumers to switch providers without any service interruptions. In all these areas, Deutsche Telekom stands for a constructive and solution-oriented approach that is geared to both the consumers' interests and the interests of our company.