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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report


How we deal with sustainability issues also entails both opportunities and risks for our reputation. A high level of service quality is one of the most important factors for improving customer perception. Customer satisfaction has been embedded in our Group management as a non-financial performance indicator to underline the importance of this issue. Transparency and reporting help to promote the trust of other external stakeholders in our Group. Our annual and CR reports also serve this purpose. However, issues such as business practices, data privacy and work standards in the supply chain and conduct in relation to human rights also entail reputation risks. If our brands, products or services are connected with such issues in negative media reports, this can cause substantial damage to our reputation. As part of our sustainability management activities, we continuously review such potential risks and take measures to minimize them. This includes systematically incorporating them in the Group’s internal compliance management system, so as to determine the relevance of the risks in relation to sustainability issues and their effect on reputation across units. We also ascertain how our products and services make a positive contribution to sustainability in order to enhance our reputation.