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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Publication of international transparency report

Telecommunications companies are legally obligated to cooperate with security agencies. This includes surveillance measures to record telecommunications connections or disclosure of customer information. Deutsche Telekom has been publishing an annual transparency report for Germany since 2014, which covers the types and amount of information we disclose to security agencies. The transparency report was expanded to include all the national companies in 2016. The international transparency report was last published in February 2018.

International legal framework conditions differ considerably. In some countries it is illegal to disclose security measures, while in others surveillance is directly conducted by the authorities without the involvement of telecommunications companies. You can find more information on the local situations in the various country reports at

We consider it the responsibility of the authorities to ensure transparency regarding security measures and called for improved online security in the context of a ten-point program in January 2015. Until our requests are met, we will strive to provide the necessary transparency within the legal possibilities.