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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Pan-European network (Pan-Net) is taking shape

To date, the European national companies have operated their own infrastructures and developed their services independently. The switch to IP img technology, however, will make it possible to develop new services together and share them across borders. We hope to tap into this potential by creating a pan-European network.

Individual services such as text messages, voicemails, and emails will be made available to all countries in the pan-European network as “product building blocks.” Our Pan-Net cloud will serve as the basis for this. Every national company can then use the building blocks to create an offer that suits their local market and customer requirements. We can also use this technology to offer new solutions throughout Europe within just a few days. Pan-Net build-out continued in 2018. To date, the network is already available for 45 million customers served by eleven national companies in Europe.

The Pan-Net cloud is an association of data centers distributed throughout Europe. These are located in Hungary, Poland, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. Six data centers were added in 2018: two in Greece, two in Croatia, and one each in Hungary and Germany.