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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Rapid entry into Smart Home business

Our contribution to the SDGs

A smart home can make life easier for its occupants in many ways, allowing them to control and monitor various devices remotely – from security systems and home appliances to home electronics. Of course, one big challenge remains, in that a provider’s smart home solution is often not compatible with the functions and devices of other manufacturers. That is why we have set up the open, vendor-neutral smart home platform QIVICON. This platform gives consumers the option of combining devices from different companies simply and individually.

QIVICON: More devices in more countries
The Deutsche Telekom national companies in Greece and Austria launched their smart home initiative in 2018 based on our white - label portfolio, which allows companies to develop a smart home - portfolio for their customers. As a result, the QIVICON platform is now available in seven European countries. Customers of T-Mobile Austria can use the Safety, Comfort, and Easy packages to quickly and easily set up a smart home solution that they can configure individually with a variety of compatible devices from different manufacturers and brands. Cosmote in Greece also offers smart solutions relating to security, comfort, and energy. Using a range of different compatible connected devices, users can likewise control their homes conveniently via an app.

We were able to further increase the number of devices that are compatible with the QIVICON platform during the reporting period. Products by the companies Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, Bose, Grohe, and Ikea give consumers an even better selection of security and lighting options. Even today they can choose from among several hundred different smart home appliances.

Security and data protection at QIVICON
QIVICON is at the heart of Deutsche Telekom’s smart home system. The home base handles the integration and control of devices from different manufacturers and sets up a secure connection to the Telekom cloud, where the data required for monitoring and controlling the system is stored. 

In 2018, we commissioned the testing institute AV-TEST GmbH for the fourth time to check how secure the QIVICON Smart Home platform and the Magenta Smart Home app are. Once again, the rating was “very good protection”.

Open platform
We use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to make the QIVICON platform available for companies. They can use the platform to integrate their devices themselves with ease and develop their own innovative smart home ideas.