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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

More sustainable SIM cards from the supermarket

Customers who value sustainability when shopping at the supermarket have also been able to buy more sustainable mobile SIM cards at EDEKA since 2018. The new “EDEKA smart” mobile rate, developed by Deutsche Telekom and EDEKA as part of a strategic partnership, offers various sustainability benefits: These include a smaller SIM card holder that saves 50 percent material, and packaging that is climate-neutral and printed on grass paper. This paper is made half from sun-dried grass and recycled paper. Production of this grass packaging – which takes place entirely without process chemicals – saves up to 75 percent in CO2 emissions. What’s more, one euro of each start kit sold goes to the WWF’s forest conservation program. If a cell phone breaks later, “EDEKA smart” customers can have their device repaired at a discount. And if a repair is no longer viable, old cell phones and SIM cards that aren’t needed anymore can be sent to the Telekom Recycling Center. We have hence created an additional mobile device return option, in addition to our other various drop-off sites and collection campaigns, which we discuss in our CR Report.

We already started reducing the size of SIM card holders at the company in 2017. In 2018, we successfully saved 1.4 metric tons of plastic within the Group. For 2019 we expect to achieve savings of more than 17 metric tons.