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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Clothing that connects

Clothing has many functions: It should keep us warm, flatter our figure and type, and at times also make a statement. But clothing can do even more. In the future it will help us, for example, to lead a healthier life. Or it will transform the idea of inclusion into material and thread. 

The designers of “Project Love” show what that could look like. They help provide people whose bodies don’t match “normal sizes” with fashionable clothing that fits perfectly. They produce tailor-made items of clothing using body scanners, 3D printers and conventional sewing machines. The two German designers from “Smart Orthosis” also focus on another important topic. They have developed a top that eases back pain. It’s equipped with heating areas and vibration elements. It thus corrects the posture of the wearer and reduces pain. The top can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and controlled by an app. 

Deutsche Telekom wants to promote ideas at the interface between technology and fashion, which is why we launched the “Fashion Fusion” program in 2016 together with partners. As part of the program, an ideas competition was held for the third time in 2018, aimed at start-ups and young entrepreneurs from the fields of fashion, technology and product design – such as “Project Love” or “Smart Orthosis”. Those taking part in the competition had the opportunity to develop prototypes of their ideas. They were provided with the necessary work materials and could draw on expert knowledge. In 2018, a top-class jury selected three winning teams from eight finalists at the Berlin Fashion Week.