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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

New service orientation: doing even more to meet our customers’ needs.

Customers help shape service
Our customers should be given the opportunity to help actively shape Deutsche Telekom’s products and services. It was with this in mind that we launched the Telekom Ideenschmiede (think tank) online platform in 2018. Ideas for improving our offerings are now shared here by more than 4,600 registered users. Community members present their ideas, rate suggestions from other community members, or express their opinions on suggestions and questions from Deutsche Telekom. In addition, online surveys are conducted and personal meetings arranged with members. Based on the feedback received from the think tank, we have already started to make Deutsche Telekom bills simpler and more customer friendly, for example. 

Innovative callback services shorten wait times
Our innovative callback services allow us to avoid unnecessary wait times. If the customer does not want to stay on the line for the announced wait time, they can request a callback to a number of their choice by means of a voice prompt. Many customers would also like to speak to the same contact again and not to have to explain their query repeatedly. Thanks to our personal callback service, this can be done really easily within 48 hours, both from a fixed-network or mobile phone. And to also reduce the time the customer has to wait for the technician, we aim to also reduce the time frame for appointments with technicians. 

Additional improvement measures planned for 2019
To further improve our service, we systematically evaluate our customers’ inquiries and complaints to identify the root of the problem and continuously make improvements. This has already allowed us to reduce the number of complaints, for example, by around 40 percent. We also almost reached our target in 2018 of ensuring that no appointment with one of our technicians is canceled at short notice. In cases (less than 2 percent) where an appointment needed to be unexpectedly canceled nonetheless, the customer was promptly informed of this and a new appointment was scheduled. At the same time, we are continuing to work on improvements across all channels – whether person-to-person, over the phone, online or via app. The focus is on increasing the first resolution rate – in other words, the number of customer requests that can be resolved on first contact – and further improving the punctuality of our technicians. 

Independent tests carried out by the magazines Connect, CHIP, and Focus Money and by audit firm TÜV also confirmed that a large number of measures and closer collaboration under the umbrella of our new service unit have already delivered countless improvements.