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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

IT drone defense shield

Commercial drones can make many processes easier and more efficient – for example, in the film and surveying technology or logistics sectors. But the technical opportunities drones provide can also be misused for illegal and criminal objectives. Since the end of 2016, the Magenta Drone Shield has offered our customers a solution that protects them from the increasing danger of drones. Business customers with critical infrastructures, data centers, stadiums, and authorities can secure their premises from remote controlled flying objects with the shield and thus defend themselves against espionage, smuggling, and vandalism.

The Magenta Drone Shield was developed to defend against professional perpetrators who fly commercial drones by remote control or GPS img. Various national and international providers of detection systems and providers of multi-sensor platforms for detecting and combating drones were rigorously tested under the strictest secrecy. The best available technologies based on video and audio analysis, radar, and frequency scanners were bundled for the drone shield into a simple and comprehensible graphical user interface. Drone defense is also being implemented at a government level using electronic jammers.