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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

New guiding principles on human responsibility for artificial intelligence

AI plays a role in an increasing number of ICT img products and services. We already use it on a daily basis – be that in internet searches or navigation systems. AI offers many advantages, but also presents new challenges. For instance, how do we ensure AI is always developed with the focus on benefiting humanity? How do we tackle the changes to the working environment brought about by AI? Under the auspices of Compliance, in 2018 we introduced guiding principles for the ethical use of artificial intelligence. These explain how Deutsche Telekom defines “responsibility” in relation to AI. They also describe how we wish to develop AI-based products and services in the future. Having said that, our guiding principles are meant as a starting point for developing rules to govern responsible approaches to AI in collaboration with our employees and external interest groups. We also debated the potential and challenges of AI in a panel discussion at our AI Day, held at the Group headquarters in Bonn, on December 5, 2018. Some 300 guests came along to discuss the subject with Deutsche Telekom Board of Management member Claudia Nemat, Prof. Christian Bauckhage from the University of Bonn, Senior Director of Corporate Research at Nuance Nils Lenke, and robot ethics expert Dr. Janina Loh from the University of Vienna. The members of the panel all agreed that our understanding of “ethics” is not static, but instead evolves over time.