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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Safety first – our commitment to secure handling of data

Deutsche Telekom works continuously on providing even clearer and more transparent information on data protection for internet users, and on raising their awareness of the need to handle data securely. The advice portal, for example, provides information on online risks and protective measures. Our Teachtoday initiative and our commitment to “Deutschland sicher im Netz (Making Germany safe on the Net)” also help foster more secure and competent media usage. We also explain how internet users can maintain an overview and control over their own data in the section on “Responsibility” on our Group website and in a specially developed self-learning module about this topic on the new 1001 TRUTHS img platform. There are also freely accessible workshop concepts that disseminators can use to address this subject in schools or seminars, for example. We are using these measures to boost media users’ digital self-determination.

We also ensure the maximum possible data protection and security with regard to our own products and services. We protect our infrastructure, and with that our customers, with state-of-the-art cyber defense measures. To ensure binding high standards throughout our Group, we have also installed a series of our own rules and guiding principles. Furthermore, we regularly have our activities audited and certified to recognized standards.