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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Code+Design Camps@Deutsche Telekom – an adventure playground for young programmers

Our contribution to the SDGs

Getting young people excited about IT is the aim behind the “Code+Design Camps@Deutsche Telekom”. We organized the first of these camps in 2018, from August 23 to 26 in the Telekom Dome, Bonn, and October 22 to 27 in our flagship store in Düsseldorf. Under the professional guidance of dedicated employees from our IT department, some 150 youngsters aged 14 to 21 got to grips with new technologies and honed their IT skills, designing and programming apps, websites, games and robots based on their own concepts and ideas. Previous knowledge of programming was not a prerequisite to attending the event. The camps, which gave our staff a chance to discover intergenerational learning, too, also focused on teamwork and creativity. What’s more, an exciting entertainment program got the ideas flowing in Düsseldorf, with participants given the chance to try out a 3D printer, enter the world of virtual reality, compete with a professional eSports team and have a go at DJing. The one-week event was complemented by talks on topics such as the darknet, digital friendships, digital loneliness and proper conduct on social networking sites.

On November 21 and 22, the Telekom Dome in Bonn also played host to a “Code+Design Camp Special” for employees of the Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance Board department. Among other things, the program included a programming and robotics workshop and a taster session on topics such as hacking, social engineering and the darknet.

The concept for the camps is based on a collaboration between the Berlin-based start-up Code+Design Initiative e.V. and Deutsche Telekom AG. This new training and development format stems from the IT@Motion transformation initiative launched by Deutsche Telekom IT. Further Code+Design Camps are planned for 2019 in various departments and Group locations.