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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Incentives for diversity and equal opportunity: the Deutschlandstiftung Integration and START-Stiftung foundations

We are convinced that cultural diversity enriches our society and offers opportunities for the innovative strength of our country’s industry. This conviction is, for example, reflected in our strategic partnership with Deutschlandstiftung Integration (the German Foundation for Integration). The foundation supports young people with a migrant background, for example, by helping them to take their first steps into the world of work and offering the support of a large network. The patron of the foundation is German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. In December 2018, Deutschlandstiftung Integration celebrated its tenth anniversary in Deutsche Telekom’s Berlin Representative Office. Head of the Board of Trustees, former President of Germany Christian Wulff, welcomed 600 guests from politics and business, public administration and culture, and several current and former beneficiaries and mentors of the “Go Your Own Way” scholarship program.

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In October 2017, Deutschlandstiftung Integration began working with START-Stiftung (START Foundation). START-Stiftung has been supporting the integration of young migrants and immigrants for 15 years by awarding educational scholarships. The joint social media campaign “Mein Land. Dein Land. Deutschland.” (My Country. Your Country. Germany.) was launched in 2018 and has been running on the online channels of both foundations, where beneficiaries of START-Stiftung and Deutschlandstiftung Integration share their thoughts and ideas on issues of belonging, identity, home, and solidarity in short videos.

Scholarship program “GO YOUR OWN WAY”
The scholarship and mentor program “GO YOUR OWN WAY” run by Deutschlandstiftung Integration places young people with migrant backgrounds with mentors from politics, business, the media, culture, and science. We have been a partner of the program since it was launched in 2012. Over 600 mentors support the scholarship recipients in their professional and personal lives. So far, they have contributed over 35,000 hours of volunteer work to this program. The program also offers coaching, themed workshops, internship marketplaces, and networking events such as the “Summer Festival of Integration”. In late 2018 – just in time for the foundation’s tenth anniversary – over 900 young people had either completed or were still involved in the program, making “GO YOUR OWN WAY” one of Germany’s largest sponsorship programs for people with migrant backgrounds.