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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Disaster Response in the USA

From the Hawaii Volcano, to the California wildfires, to hurricanes Lane, Florence, and Michael, T-Mobile USA has been mobilizing its resources and people. T-Mobile’s 24/7 crisis teams worked tirelessly to ensure network reliability and respond to customers in need. We’ve also donated millions of dollars in calls, texts, and equipment to assist relief efforts around the world. The company's disaster response efforts support communities with network response teams, telecommunications infrastructure, and employee volunteers to lend a hand and ensure network reliability.

  • The T-Mobile engineering and rapid response teams quickly activated emergency equipment such as fuel trucks, mobile Cell on Wheels (COWs) and back-up power solutions, including portable generators.
  • As long as it’s safe for them to remain open, our stores and other facilities have helped customers and impacted employees, by providing water, mobile generators, device charging stations, phones, car and wall chargers, and other supplies available
  • T-Mobile also rallies customers and employees through its own disaster response fundraising efforts.  In 2017 and 2018, we activated text-based giving channels in support of hurricane relief for T-Mobile customers to make it easy for them to give via their mobile phones. For each of the disasters above, we have also matched employee giving at an increased rate of 2:1. for US-based disasters where our people and customers were impacted.
  • Free Texting & Calling: During the hurricanes and for weeks following, T-Mobile offered customers in affected areas the ability to call or text anywhere in the US for free. Customers in affected areas who were not on the T-Mobile ONE plan were also given unlimited data (T-Mobile ONE customers always have unlimited data).
  • To support relief efforts during the latest Hurricane season, T-Mobile leveraged its partnership with Major League Baseball, for the second year in a row, and pledged USD 10,000 to Team Rubicon for every postseason home run, and an additional USD 1 every time consumers tweeted their support using #HR4HR.  During the World Series, T-Mobile doubled that number to USD 20,000 for every home run and USD 2 for every fan tweet.

For the California Wildfires, Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and the Hawaii Volcano, T-Mobile donated USD 2.6 million in in-kind donations (hotspots img, phones, etc).