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  • 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

Unique concert experiences – Beethovenfest and Jazzfest

In 2018, we returned as the main sponsor of Beethovenfest in Bonn and funded two inspiring evening concerts in September. The pianist Alberto Ferro honored Claude Debussy’s memory with a recital entitled “Pour le piano – Debussy zu Ehren” (“For the piano – in honor of Debussy”). Fans of experimental classical music also got their money’s worth – the Music:Eyes ensemble transformed the music of Ludwig van Beethoven into an audiovisual sound experience. The concert was organized by eight students from five secondary schools in Bonn. They are the protagonists of this year’s “Beethovenfest student manager” initiative, which Deutsche Telekom has been supporting for the past eight years. Every year, the team of students spends several months organizing, financing, and promoting the concert.

During the period under review, we called on pianists to enter the International Telekom Beethoven Competition, which has been held every other year since 2005. This allows us to sponsor young professional pianists and offer them an international platform. One of the main things we expect from applicants is that they bring their own interpretations and ideas to their performance. The competition will take place from December 6 through 14, 2019, in Bonn.

We also returned as the main sponsor of Jazzfest Bonn in April 2018. As such, we presented a double concert at the sold-out Telekom Forum on April 27, where gripping performances by Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and soul jazz singer, Ed Motta, and the legendary British acid jazz group, Incognito, wowed an audience of approximately 1,200.